“Not doing” and “Promising” of Young Discipline Inspection Cadres

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General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered important speeches at the opening ceremony of the Training course for young and middle-aged officials held by the Party School of the CPC Central Committee (National Academy of Governance) from 2019 to 2021. He encouraged young officials to strive to become useful and capable of taking on important responsibilities, pointing out the direction for young officials.As a young disciplinary cadre under the new situation, I think we must be firm in faith, studious, down-to-earth, abide by the principles of the four principles, in order to live up to the trust of the organization, live up to the expectations of the masses.One, firm belief, not to be disturbed by noise.At the class opening meeting in The autumn of September 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward a 48-word requirement. The first requirement is firm belief and loyalty to the Party.A person’s spiritual home if there is no noble beliefs to enrich, easy to be all sorts of wrong idea seam plugged in and young cadres to grow more smoothly, not after the exercise, confidence is not firm, like xi jinping, general secretary mentioned in his speech, with excellent political ability, can achieve conscientiously in ideological political action on the central keep highly consistent,At any time and under any circumstances can “not afraid of floating clouds cover the eye” “chaotic cloud flying is still calm”.Ideals and beliefs are the spiritual pillar, loyalty to the Party is the best interpretation of ideals and beliefs firm, firm belief is not a day to build, must be constantly tempered, practice noble moral sentiment, is crucial at any time.Looking back at many corruption cases, often the first line of defense is the loss of faith, small evil for it, small evil into a big evil, original heart lost, dike failure.Two, studious and aspirant, not trapped by ability.As a young cadre, have vigorous vigor, have good physical fitness, it is the golden period of absorbing knowledge.”Little and studious, like Yang sunrise;Strong and studious, such as the japan-china light “, as a new era of cadre of young discipline, more to overcome youth to widespread difficulties delicate psychological, “que”, insatiable, grasp the theory from books middle school, middle school from the reality, from the middle school, make learning as a habit, sleep and eating the same will be done, only good internal strength, enhance self-cultivation,Only then can we cope with complex situations and arduous tasks.Himself is a health care system, medical and health industry has a unique industry, professional and specificity, on the one hand, to learn to think in a xi new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the probe which contain the essence of the concept and practice, on the other hand, combine health policy laws and regulations in learning, in-depth thinking of the prevention and control mechanism in the field of medical and health care,Let the hospital “clear in the concept, clean in the behavior, medical supervision, hospital mechanism”.Three, down-to-earth, not for the style of damage.Determined to work hard, such as a tree;Fang its roots and buds, still not dry;Very dry, not yet twigs.Branch after leaf, leaf after flower, solid.If the cadres are flowers, then the masses are the branches of the tree, the unit is the soil, without the fertility of the soil, without the branches to rely on, then gorgeous flowers will wither immediately.Great oaks cannot grow from little acorns. Without a solid foundation, they will always be tottering and vulnerable.In his speech, General Secretary Xi Jinping urged young officials to improve their abilities in investigation and research, scientific decision-making, reform, emergency response, mass work, and implementation. Young officials should rise to the occasion and shoulder the heavy burden bravely.Serving the people is done, not spoken out. As the disciplinary inspection secretary of the hospital, ordinary grassroots medical staff rarely take the initiative to come to the office to communicate with me about work. If they are in the familiar working environment, the atmosphere will be much easier.Help them establish and adhere to the correct world outlook, outlook on life and values.Four, abide by the principle, not confused by human feelings.Xun Zi said, the gentleman end, creep, one can be the law.Even the smallest words and actions can serve as an example for others to follow.Adherence to principles is an important character of communists and an important criterion for judging whether a cadre is competent or not. At all times, one must have character, integrity and boldness, dare to and be good at struggle, and never concede an inch on matters of principle.Young cadres have little experience in society, so they should be more aware of honor and disgrace, self-love and awe, keep a clear head and stick to the bottom line.General Secretary Xi Jinping has said many times that every button of life should be buttoned well from the very beginning, and young officials should make more efforts to improve political ethics, so that only by repeated refinement can they become true gold and pillars of talent.(Li Wenjing, Discipline Inspection Secretary of Shaoyang Second People’s Hospital)