The person passes 60 years old, how many ability is weight maintained healthy?Doctor: According to the formula, you can’t be too thin

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With the growth of age, some elderly people and eat only vegetarian not meat behavior thought, from their own psychological aspects to supplement the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body, block the accumulation of fat components indirectly avoid the induction of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Body health status has a certain correlation with the weight standard range, which is also one of the reasons for some middle-aged and elderly people to pursue a thin figure, but it is inevitable that the weight in a short period of time shows a downward trend, mostly due to the symptoms of spleen and stomach weakness and digestive tract failure caused by the uncomfortable reaction.Once the elderly have digestive system diseases, indirect aspects lead to abnormal blood glucose metabolism and other concurrent symptoms, through this article combined with their own comparison, to understand the standard weight range of the elderly!01 the elderly is not as thin as possible this year, the 61 – year – old Liu Dama, since retirement be free and at leisure is not at home watching TV is to go to square dance, body weight within a short period of time to present the upward trend in the development, this can make the tangle of Liu Dama produced a certain psychological, that weight gain influence its own charm.In the process of communicating with neighbors, I learned a series of dietary collocation methods to control my own weight, and achieved the purpose of weight control by eating only vegetables without meat. It has been maintained for about two weeks and achieved certain obvious effects, but recently I always felt vertigo and chest tightness are obvious.At first, the discomfort caused by the great pressure of life did not take it to heart. But two days ago, When Aunt Liu went downstairs to dance in the square, she suddenly fell on the stairs. Passers-by rushed to call 120 and sent her to the hospital.Sarcopenia is also known as a comprehensive chronic muscle disease in medicine. It is a decline in indicators and discomfort caused by the lack of nutrients in the body for a long time, which limits their own mobility in a short time, accompanied by emaciation and weakness of limbs.The high incidence of this kind of disease is over 60 years old people, the body lack of certain nutritional elements of the substance leads to the induction of osteoporosis symptoms, more prone to fall when walking fracture phenomenon, serious also accompanied by muscle atrophy and hemiplegia phenomenon.The relationship between life expectancy and body weight was found: After the age of 60, such a body weight is just right, self-test standard?If the elderly want to ensure their physical health, they should first control their weight within the standard range. They can use the method of BMI to judge whether they are overweight or underweight, instead of relying solely on their weight.Medical nutrition to the old people’s body mass index standard control range within the scope of 18.5 to 24, in the scope of this stage of the elderly with 25% lower than the risk of disease of heart head blood-vessel, once beyond the scope of this standard to some extent exacerbated their risk of chronic disease, less than 18.5 when the indirect cause the malnutrition.1. Male standard weight = (height in cm – 100cm) *0.9kg2.Standard weight of female = (height in cm — 10cm) *0.9kg-2.5kg can be calculated by this method to pay attention to the change of body mass index, which can effectively reflect the change of body value of the elderly to some extent. If the body mass index is low, it is necessary to adjust their diet to gain weight under the advice of doctors.When the body mass index is high, we should also do our own diet regulation.After the 0360 – year – old old man, the following several kinds of nutrition supplement of calcium in the body decomposition consumption depending on the age changing a downward trend development, once into a state of bone mineral density in degradation after the age of 60, to a certain extent, increase the risk of their own symptoms of patients with osteoporosis, must form the good habit of eating more calcium.In addition, we can also supplement the lack of calcium in the body by eating more dairy products and drinking milk, which can effectively avoid the induction of osteoporosis to some extent.Vitamin, as an indispensable nutrient in the body, does not directly participate in the operation and repair of tissues and organs, but indirectly affects the consumption of substances through certain synthesis. Once the body lacks vitamin D, its efficiency of absorbing calcium is slowed down.Can supplement vitamin D by eating shrimp skin, eggs, but also to develop a good way to absorb calcium ions through ultraviolet rays, but in the sun must do their own protection, to avoid ultraviolet radiation is too strong, affecting the skin tissue repair ability.It is believed that most people are not very familiar with this ingredient, which is medically standardized as one of the DHA nutrients, to a certain extent reduces the risk of elevated blood pressure and prevents alzheimer’s symptoms caused by neurasthenia.The elderly can supplement their lack of omega-3 fatty acids by eating more walnuts or soybeans, but also avoid eating deep-sea fish, which can affect the body’s DNA composition.Vitamin B12 composition as a kind of vitamin B group, once appeared when lack of state, easy to cause the abnormal performance such as oral ulcer, vision fuzzy, indirect sex brought about anemia symptom induction, make in the old people appeared exhaustion and lack of power feeling to affect normal running function.In daily life, we can supplement the lack of nutrients in the body by eating more fruits and vegetables, and control the nutrients within a reasonable range of standards to stabilize the ability of the body to run.Protein is one of the eight essential nutrients for the human body, and the proportion of the intake of middle-aged and elderly people should be controlled at about 1g/kg per day. Chicken and meat products commonly used in daily life are very good sources of supplements, which can be supplemented by eating more red meat.Dietary fiber composition after the intake of the human body, promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis, energy, to a certain extent, avoids constipation occurs, recommending that old friend in the usual life eat dragon fruit, apple, green vegetables and other food promote gastrointestinal body circulation ability, to a certain extent, also avoid the induced vascular disease.
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