Uzi was caught “nervous” and scared by his own team. IG couldn’t stand it!

2022-06-08 0 By

Unexpectedly, in 895 days, U Z I is back on the court!And its own “sense of presence” halo, which makes the opposite opponent IG all direct state pull full, 2 games directly crazy looking for a chance to sprint Uzi hero.And the two games down, because Uzi was caught countless times, resulting in the whole person are “nervous”, in the third set of the decisive game, we can see: in the road this wave, Uzi because of his teammates’ big move, and extreme use of flash.Here can only love Uzi, is really two games down, AD output environment is too bad.BP in game 2, the IG directly on “killing god” action, the first Gwen + xenzhao, double loop combination, let U Z I cannot directly opposite the violent output, even if the early prince help road many times to get the ministry of economy, but still in the middle of the IG squad to blunt bad, across the various skills on U Z I face, let it died in a row.In this way, BLG team also gradually began to lose, unable to stabilize the early economic advantage, all the way to the bottom of the winning rate.Finally can only helplessly look at the opposite IG all with dragon Buff rushed to the highlands.Fortunately, this time Uzi, with his back to the base spring, made a great counterattack.In the case of no worries, with auxiliary hit the opposite side of the wandering, and then again a precise missile to kill each other a person.Use Jinx’s kill buff to accelerate.Take the next guy!But in the game 3 tiebreaker, the BLG team seemed to be indulging in the joy of the game 2 turnaround, giving UZI jinx first, which was very confusing here.First of all, the BLG team has a lot of options in the AD position.Even if the opposite BAN a previous jinx, but there are EZ and other AD.And UZI’s mastery of the AD hero pool is very deep.The BLG team can then choose some other heroes, such as destroying the previous opponent’s “double Circle combination”, taking Either Zhao Xin or Gwen.Especially Gwen, who’s a hero, could use a hand.But by choosing Jinks, BLG has given up some of that initiative.And after the choice of horse and clockwork combination, sent out such a hero akali.As a result, Uzi’s on-court survivability is almost zero, as long as a dozen teams, there is no output.The other three heroes cut in, either against Gwen with sprint or Akari with 2 displacement.You can’t rely on a five-minute flash.In addition, the back hand chose a hammer stone, such operation, is full of confusion.Sure enough, in the next third game, BLG team early advantage is not big, on, in the middle of the two road although long hand short hand has a slight advantage, but not beyond too much match-up economy.On the contrary, Akali, who had been suppressed, took off with her head after two waves of skirmishes on the road.That makes Uzi’s life even harder.What followed was a series of kills.As long as there is no flash, it will be rushed by several people. When there is flash, it can also provide damage to the team. For example, in the wave of Xiaolong Group, Uzi stood alone by the river and stopped four other people, while his teammates attacked Zhao Xin together.In the end, the BLG team lost the game after the other team’s three-way pull.But at 895 days,Uzi’s performance is ok.I believe Uzi can still bring us more brilliant performances in the following matches.Look forward to more Uzi smiles too!