Xiangyu Medical Donated anti-epidemic materials to the township government of Neihuang

2022-06-08 0 By

At present, the epidemic situation in Neihuang County of Henan Province is developing steadily, but the task of epidemic prevention and control still cannot be relaxed.On January 23, Xiangyu Medical Took the initiative to contact the People’s government of Chuwang town and The People’s government of Mashang Township to donate anti-COVID-19 supplies, totaling 200,000 masks, effectively alleviating the practical difficulties of the local government.Under the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, Xiangyu Medical Extends a helping hand in time to relieve the urgent need of the shortage of anti-epidemic materials.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Xiangyu Medical Has donated anti-epidemic materials to support the prevention and control work in Neihuang County for many times. This donation reflects the true love of Xiangyu Medical for the people of Neihuang to help each other in times of difficulty, and strengthens the confidence and determination to jointly defeat the epidemic.Source: France New Media • Go through the yellow