2-0, 4 in a row!65 percent of the ball made 6-0, the second Asian team was born, the strong rival out of the National football team

2022-06-09 0 By

12 strong World Cup qualifier in Asia that in group A, Chinese fans are drawn to Syria team against South Korea, both the team and South Korea, is the team’s former big were happy, especially in recent years the rapid development of Syria’s team, from its has become the team’s Nemesis, in 40 strong competition, the national team in the same team, and SyriaWith the tactics of slow and steady style, Syria’s early breaking into the top 12 ahead of time, but came to the top 12 after the game, the team is very weak, in the last seven games, up to now is a hard ball, ranked team, also laid the foundation for the World Cup early, and a friendly while at home, but the strength of the Syrian team ultimately difficult to scope, South Korea,Another 2-0 loss.Simple review of the game, the start stage, road South Korea is very strong, synthetic-aperture in possession and organizational aspects, possession rate is as high as sixty-five percent, Syria’s possession rate is only thirty-five percent, from this perspective, the team is doomed to be run, in fact, from the perspective of the overall strength of the two teams,South Korea is also at least one notch above Syria.In offensive shot, South Korea fire rapidly, full back on 16 feet, Syria’s only 5 shot, in terms of target number, transfer control advantages of South Korea made 6 0, that is to say, the south Korean team 6 times on target, no shot is of Syria, from this perspective, the south Korean team attack quickly, not only in terms of defence,They were also strong and did not give Syria any chances to score.But in the score goals ways, Syria team was still very strong, in the first stage, even if they all aspects behind South Korea, but do is also very well defensively, under the attack of the south koreans crazy in the first half, Syria’s team is still kept losing, until the second half edge to the postwar 53 minutes, the first goal to appear,Kim Jin-soo scored to give South Korea a 1-0 lead.In 1 ball leading cases, South Korea continued to attack, the team can only sporadic threat of attack, the 71th minute, the south Korean team scored again, QuanYongXun, help South Korea to expand the score to 2-0, in the case of a two goal lead, South Korea began to slowly but surely, the Syrian team no matter how more to no avail,The final score remained 2-0;So after this game, South Korea won 4 consecutive wins, becoming the second Asian team after Iran to advance to the World Cup, and as China’s arch-rival Syria team was completely eliminated, at the same time, the Syrian FOOTBALL Association, because of the poor results, also officially announced the dismissal of all posts related to football.