Buick GL8 is the best choice for business travel

2022-06-09 0 By

The new Buick GL8 looks a big change from its predecessor, featuring buick’s latest family-style design, a recognizable fly-wing front grille and smooth lines.Appearance: The new family design language makes Buick GL8 more youthful and fashionable.The comprehensive upgrade for Buick GL8 commercial vehicles to bring more powerful aura, the appearance has become more refined, luxurious, more comfortable and humanized interior.Headlights and upper air intake grille match each other, so that the vehicle looks more imposing.Such a big car, the body is also very heavy, our family of four use space is very abundant, did not feel a bit crowded.The whole car adopts LED light source, with the design of headlights, to improve the safety factor.The side of the car, which looks slim and businesslike, has multiple wheels and privacy glass.The design of the front bar also has a sense of movement, a strong sense of stereo.There are a lot of upgrades this time, including updates to the front face and interior, as well as small upgrades to the configuration. Generally speaking, the new Buick GL8 is still worth looking forward to.In terms of seats, the Buick GL8 is wrapped in imitation leather with a diamond pattern that supports heating/ventilation/massage/memory functions, and the front seats are also equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions.At the same time, the second row of independent seat design, with armrests, seat quality is excellent.Inside the car are generally soft outsourcing, feel and body feeling are quite comfortable, the material looks quite classy.Buick GL8 comes with 2 2 3 large space, in the car can be free to use a button to start, whether it is business negotiations, or family travel, we can feel the noble experience of the new car.As for the ride, the seat adjustment touch plate that rises slowly in the back row is also the highlight of the whole vehicle, and the passengers sitting in the back row must be very happy.The fifth-generation Buick GL8, with its four-seat layout of 2+2+2, was one of the first to enter the third row of seats.