The railroad commander looked for the county magistrate to handle affairs, but was ordered by the county magistrate cuffed up, and finally how to deal with it?

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On February 28, 1954, Wang Zhen, then commander and political commissar of the Railway force, sent 100,000 troops from all over the country to the construction site to build yingxia railway.At that time, construction was tight and only a few simple houses were built for the workers.However, due to the humid environment and the fact that most of the workers came from the north and did not adapt to the local climate, a large number of patients fell ill.Wang zhen decided to move his dormitory to a dry place, but he called the county magistrate several times, but no one answered.Who knew when he saw the sheriff, he was handcuffed.Wang Zhen was born in A farming family in Liuyang, Hunan province in April 1908.In 1922, Wang Zhen joined the army in Changsha.Later, Wang Zhen gradually came into contact with progressive ideas and began to draw closer to the Party organization.In May 1927, Wang Zhen became a member of the Communist Youth League.After joining the Party, Wang zhen demanded more of himself.In October 1937, Wang Zhen became brigade commander and political commissar of the 359 Brigade of the Eighth Route Army.Later, Wang Zhen led the 359 Brigade to participate in dozens of battles, not only repeatedly smashed the Japanese army to forcibly cross the Yellow River plot.During the War of Liberation, he repelled many attacks by the Kuomintang.In 1941, Wang Zhen led the 359 Brigade to Nanniwan.Facing the vast wasteland, Wang Zhen began to carry hoes and work with the soldiers to open the land.In every labor, Wang Zhen always rushes in the front line of clearing land.At that time, because of the difficult environment of Nanniwan, no one had a house to live in.Wang Zhen then led his soldiers to build tents with tree branches and often camped out in the mountains.Even when there was no food to eat, Wang Zhen still found a way to carry grain and salt hundreds of kilometers across mountains and rivers.When there were no tools for clearing the land, Wang Zhen worked with the soldiers to make tools by beating iron.At that time, Wang Zhen made regulations, from brigade commanders down to soldiers, everyone should participate in the opening of the land, no one can avoid labor production.In order to set a good example for others, No matter how hard and tired the work, Wang Zhen is always at the forefront.1943, the great man came to nanniwan inspection.Looking at the crops and cattle and sheep, the great man was deeply attracted by the scenery.The great man walked for more than three hours, talking to the soldiers in the fields as he walked.The Kuomintang thought it would trap the Communists, but the Communists, by their own hands, had achieved self-sufficiency.Not only that, Wang Zhen also led the 359 brigade to use the slack farming time training.It was also at this time that the 359th Brigade emerged with many sharpshooters, sharpshooters, and even a dozen companies that were 100% accurate.Moreover, the soldiers also improved the throwing of grenades to 72 meters.Not only that, the soldiers kept their guns close at hand as they worked.When the wind blows, they pick up their guns and fight quickly.The 359th was able to repel many enemy attacks.Even an American colonel had to give a thumbs-up, which was amazing.Under the leadership of Wang Zhen, brigade 359 not only built Nanniwan into the “granary” of northern Shaanxi, but also ensured the safety and logistics life of the Party Central Committee.Wang Zhen was such a solid leader, but almost got into trouble because of his merits.On February 18, 1954, Wang Zhen was leading workers to build yingxia railway.At that time, most of the workers were transferred from the north to the south, because the local environment was too humid and many workers could not adapt and fell ill.Wang zhen decided to build his dormitory in a dry place. In order to find a suitable place, Wang made several phone calls to the local magistrate.Strangely, Wang Zhen called for three days in a row but failed to get through.The quick-tempered Wang Zhen had no time to wait, so he took a jeep to the county seat early in the morning.Wang Zhen usually wears casual clothes when working, but this time he did not change his clothes because he was in a hurry.In addition, he had been busy for several days and had stubble on his face. He looked like a farmer.Arriving at the county seat, Wang Zhen hurried to the county magistrate’s office.Just then, he saw a man who looked like a cadre coming out of the gate of the county government and asked him about the county magistrate’s office.Unexpectedly, the man caught sight of Wang Zhen and sent him away quickly.It was not until nearly noon that the magistrate came back in a car.Wang Zhen hurried forward and asked the magistrate about the land.Unexpectedly, the magistrate interrupted wang Zhen angrily before he had heard what he had to say.The magistrate then walked toward the county government building.Wang Zhen is also violent temper, he looked at the attitude of the county magistrate, a flash of anger on the head.Wang Zhen quickly pulled the magistrate, did not expect the magistrate back sarcastically, actually also cursed the people.Wang Zhen was taken aback and pulled the magistrate not to let him leave.Just then, a distant siren came into my mind.While talking, from the car down a few policemen, can not help but say ground to drag Wang Zhen to the police car.Wang Zhen was furious. “Open the handcuffs!”Did not think the county magistrate big hand waved, “here I have the final say!””, wang Zhen will be pulled away.Just then, a car pulled up in front of the police car.At that moment, a commissioner stepped out of the limousine and put an end to the drama.”Commander Wang, you have been frightened!”When the magistrate heard what the commissioner had said, he was almost out of breath.Wang Zhen was very angry. “If you don’t shoot me, it’s my fate!I also have to thank the county magistrate mercy!”The county magistrate hurriedly said, “I write review!I write review!”Wang Zhen continued, “You don’t look like a communist. You are not qualified to be a county magistrate at all!”After the commander dismissed the magistrate, Wang Zhen turned to the magistrate beside him and said, “I would like to thank you today. If you had not come to my rescue, I would have been in prison!”The commissioner took wang Zhen’s words and said, “Commander Wang, the provincial party committee has called us. You can give us as much land as you want!”As he spoke, two men pushed their way out of the crowd.Then, smiling toward the county magistrate said, “cousin, today’s business is good, another day to send the money to your home!”County magistrate listen to words, face red a while white a while.Unexpectedly, the crowd crowded in some people, some reported that the county magistrate was pocketing, and some requested the county magistrate to handle matters.Wang Zhen stood by, listening to what the man said, and his anger was instantly ignited.”You are unworthy of being a county magistrate!What a disgrace to the Party!”The county magistrate at this time, as if to eat deflated balloon, no longer before the air appearance.Later, Wang zhen wrote about what he saw and heard in the local county.Not long after, the bully county magistrate was removed from his post.It is said that the night the magistrate was removed from office, people put firecrackers for a long time in the courtyard of the county government.Visible, the county magistrate in the local accumulated a lot of resentment.Conclusion: In fact, the people are very clear about whether party cadres are good cadres and whether they have done practical things for the people.Play official style, play tai Chi and other practices, can only party members and cadres of the distance from the people more and more far.Party cadres are doomed to failure once they become divorced from the masses.