These candidates, this year will not get a/b certificate

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Though it is but the textual research during the Spring Festival holiday you still want to remind everybody cannot be completely relaxed, the textual research forgotten today, is to take what behavior inventory will take less than a type certificate/ErJian black and white upside down a ErJian tests have a lot of sleeping on the night of the examinee is, the more the spirit in the evening, the better, in contrast to the sluggish during the day.But in fact, this is not good, affected by the biological clock, easy to lead to the real examination room when listless, lethargic and even sleepy, the loss outweighs the gain!Heavy mobile phone patients, such as examinees on mobile phone dependence and self-control is really poor.If you can’t focus on your phone, how can you concentrate on your exam preparation?So set a focus period where the phone is only used for research, watching videos, or even using another device if possible.Many candidates have told me that in order to prepare for the exam, even Douyin, Taobao all uninstall, in fact, is not a good way.Hypochondriacal people are obsessed with their own fantasies and always feel that they can’t live.Too much thinking is not only a waste of time, it can also lead to a breakdown of mental stress.This proposal, when be free see essence lecture more, see textbook, devote limited energy to review, busy rise, won’t think so much!Glass heart People with glass heart are more likely to perceive the existence of difficulties than others.Even a small unintentional act of others may be taken to be infinitely magnified and become insurmountable obstacles.Today by others in the preparation group of words, tomorrow because colleagues inadvertently inadvertently inadvertently prepared for the test.But the road of textual research, is a need to firmly go down the solitary yong road ah!Procrastination now more and more people have “procrastination”, “slowly”, not to the last moment absolutely do not want to do in advance, they missed a lot of time to prepare for the test, how can not prepare enough to test?Prepare for an examination one or two build, need to pay enough effort, always “tomorrow again tomorrow day”, the exam will not wait for you, should learn also learn not to finish, how to pass the exam smoothly?I hope you will never make the above mistakes and get the certificate successfully