To understand better Heze, download the poster news client

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Here is “the hometown of painting and calligraphy” “the hometown of Opera” “the hometown of martial arts” “the hometown of folk art” “The Capital of Peony in China” “The Yellow River enters shandong first city”…Download poster news client, follow the poster news to understand better Heze!In addition, can also participate in ticket reimbursement, short video competition, 1 yuan for new youth music festival tickets.The poster news reimburses 2022 train tickets with travel dates between Jan 1 and Feb 15 for netizens returning to Shandong during the Spring Festival.Launch a short video contest of “Millions of Netizens return to Shandong to see the development”, with a maximum bonus of 10,000 yuan;Strength pet fans plan, 1 yuan can buy tickets for the new youth music festival.Get involved!Volkswagen net Heze production planning: Nie Dongmei editor: Liu Ya design: Song Yiming