A bite of Russia, 8 food festivals waiting for you

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China has eight major cuisines and many delicacies.And our neighbors, the vast territory of Russia is also very rich in food, each region has its own specialty dishes.For a taste of Russian cuisine, you can visit various food festivals.Russian food festival, here we come!ф естиваль « р усский олодец» This is a winter food festival р усский олодец» It’s a winter food festival, р усский олодец»During the festival, aspic cook-offs are held, where people compete on the size and creativity of aspic, as well as concerts and entertainment.The 2019 Aspic Food Festival cooked the world’s largest aspic, weighing 263kg.Everyone at the food festival got a free taste of the record-setting aspic.Moscow jam flower festival Ф е с т и kind guide а л ь « Ц kind guide е т о discusses some related problems н ы й д ж е м » hold time: in late July early August held:Moscow downtown every July to the end of August, Moscow will hold jam flowers as the theme of the food art festival, people decorate the bustling streets with flowers, in a sea of flowers to taste a variety of dessert snacks, is clustered by the flowers of Moscow looks particularly beautiful, lively and vibrant.Xiao Gongju’s favorite flower wall, colorful piano, all kinds of food……This is definitely a delicious, good-looking and fun food festival!Jaguar’s card in the arctic food festival А р seem т и discusses some related problems е с seem и й f а с т р о н о м и discusses some related problems е с seem и й ф е с т и kind guide а л ь « Т е р и б е р seem а » hold time: July held:From Murmansk, across the summer tundra, to Teriberka on the coast of the Barents Sea, a delicious feast awaits.Here, you can taste local specialties: venison, cod, scallop, kelp…Chefs will use native wild plants to flavor your meal.Eating delicious food, enjoying the sea breeze, enjoying the blooming hills and the endless ocean, perfect!ф естиваль « б арабулька — Feodosia red mullet is one of the little fish that you see in Crimea, and it’s delicious whether it’s fried, smoked or pickled.The fish is so good that locals have created a food festival for it, which attracts many tourists every year.The festival lasts for two days, during which different chefs can sample their craft and those with itchy hands can attend on-site cooking master classes.ф естиваль « в ку ная к зань; kazan Food Festival was first held in 2015, and despite its short history, it has become one of kazan’s most recognizable brands.The festival lasts for several days, during which Russian chefs prepare special ethnic dishes.The 2018 Kazan Food Festival, held during the World Cup, attracted about 45,000 visitors, who ate about 12,000 kilograms of food and more than 3,000 liters of drinks.Moscow oblast Antonov apple food festival ф е с т и kind guide а л ь « А н т о н о kind guide с seem и е second б л о seem и » hold time: on September held: Mr Colom, Mr Colom, there are two representative food: padlock soft bread and fruit cake.The soft fruitcake is made with the sour Antonov apples that give the festival its name.As well as goose-pate padlock bread, soft fruitcake and a variety of jams, rabbit, moose jerky, farm cheese and pumpkin tea are also available at stalls during the festival.It is not only a food festival, but also a literary festival.Publishers bring their own new books and organize writers’ meetings, as well as Tours and theatre programs.You can learn about kolomna’s history and visit the Kolomna Kremlin and merchant mansions.ф естиваль « д ержи краба» The first Crab Festival took place in Vladivostok in 2016, and since then it has become so influential that it is now not limited to a single city, but a national food festival.The festival attracts tourists not only from Russia, but also from Asian countries, including China and South Korea.Today, the festival is one of primorsky Krai’s most popular food festivals.ф естиваль « а рб зный» The city of Kameshen in volgograd is recognized as the melon capital of Russia, and the annual watermelon festival is a tradition here.The main venue of the festival is the city’s main square, where various watermelon-themed delicacies can be eaten, and various entertainment activities are held during the event, the main one is the theme parade, which attracts tens of thousands of people every year.There are many other food festivals in Russia. I will tell you more next time