Chen Hong has much beauty: the temperament is too noble, play the servant girl root can not play, one appearance win like the leading role

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Although “the world hero out of my generation, a river’s lake years urge”, actually beauty is such.As time goes by, people of different generations often have different understandings of beauty.But there are always some people whose beauty seems to travel through time, such as Chen Hong.Speaking of Chen Hong, many people must be familiar with this beauty, which is considered as a “classical goddess” and is considered as “rare” as zhu Lin, the king of the kingdom of girls in Journey to the West.Interestingly, Chen Hong once said: MY temperament noble, can not play a servant girl.Supposedly, the actor line should be able to play anything, but such a sentence may be scolded, why the harvest of many netizens’ recognition?Think, probably is she in “a dream of Red Mansions” in the role of zijuan one corner.Even though tao Huimin, who played Lin daiyu, was thought to be the better actress at the time, the fact that zijuan attracted so much attention as a simple servant girl was a triumph.Thirty years ago, once the entertainment industry or “a hundred flowers bloom spring garden”, can be described as a cloud of beauty, and each has its own beauty.However, Chen Hong also has a place in her own beauty.Although some people don’t like qiong Yao’s plays today, at that time, the popularity of Qiong Yao’s plays was almost equal to “1+1=2”.Qiongyao often in the selection of female high requirements, not only to be able to yan Qunfang, but also often have a unique spirituality.And Chen Hong can become qiong young woman, enough to show that its beauty, temperament is good.No wonder, then, that the maid Zijuan in the 1989 version of a Dream of Red Mansions is so “showy” : In the play, Although Chen Hong does not wear makeup and wears plain clothes, her every twinkle and smile is romantic.At that time, Chen Hong was still a student at the Shanghai Theatre Academy with a sweet face and clear eyes that could shine through.In this way, just happened before the fun, has been used to accept “Lin Daiyu more beautiful” audience ridicule “purple cuckoo” in “Lin Daiyu” in front of not like a servant girl, not like a purple cuckoo completely.It is also because of this that Chen Hong has not played the role of a servant girl after playing zijuan.After all, instead of highlighting the hostess’s level of attractiveness, it serves as a foil.However, Chen Hong is also worthy of her appearance.In 1993, three series of the third “between waterclouds” great success, it’s pretty girls.together configuration is a luxury, Steve, Vivian, hand in photograph reflect, Chen is especially Vivian and Chen can each have two most beautiful amorous feelings, a small jasper, a good family, let the audience didn’t know how to distribute the good eye.In 1998, Chen hong also appeared in the historical costume drama “Daming Palace Ci”, in which she played the role of princess Taiping from capricious to capable, which is her classic role.Unfortunately, with her marriage to Chen Kaige, Chen Hong has gradually retreated into the background, leaving audiences to relive her beauty in historical roles, which is a pity in the film industry.After all, a thousand men are hard to find, and so are beauties.The end of the discussion: we think Chen Derong, Zhu Lin and Chen Hong, who is better?