Daning County Market Supervision Administration to carry out in-depth “strict thrift, against food waste” activities

2022-06-10 0 By

In-depth development zhengning county market supervision and administration of “hard to practice strict economy, combat catering waste” activity in order to prevent and stop waste food, build hard to practice strict economy, combat catering waste of social fashion, carrying out the food quality and safety of lifting scheme, correctly guide rational consumption, our bureau measures simultaneously, resolutely put a stop to food waste.One is to prevent and stop the catering waste work combined with daily supervision, supervise the catering enterprises in the restaurant eye-catching place Settings prevent and stop the food waste publicity logo, buffet and dining, provide alternative packages, providing “half and half price”, “small, optimal price” service way, push the dining-table centiliter “, not the use of disposable tableware;Provide free and environment-friendly packaging services, abandon extravagant consumption and eliminate waste on the tip of your tongue;Second, volunteer service activities were carried out. Grassroots law enforcement officers distributed more than 200 copies of the Anti-Food Waste Law of the People’s Republic of China and regulations on the Prevention and Suppression of Food Waste in Shanxi Province to food business households along the street, encouraging food service operators to publicize the anti-food waste situation to the society.Three is extensive publicity, issued to the broad masses of “practice thrift, against food waste” initiative, called on the county people at dinner, strive to be civilized table leader, practitioner and advocate, cultivate thrift habits, avoid “waste on the tip of the tongue”, with “small table” to drive “big civilization”.In the next step, the bureau will explore the establishment of long-term supervision mechanism, strengthen supervision and inspection, and bring the prevention of food waste into the whole process of food service supervision.The existence of extravagance and waste of catering units, found a, exposure, further strengthen the warning education.Through correct guidance, to create a strong atmosphere, to promote the concept of saving in the whole society become a trend.