Tianjin has a “cold gate scenic spot”, although the air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful, but few people visit

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In recent years, with the rise of tourism in China, many well-known scenic spots are no longer welcomed by tourists, but prefer to travel to some secluded and quiet minority scenic spots.Today xiaobian for you to introduce, is a cold scenic area in Tianjin, although it is fresh air beautiful scenery, but few people know here, can you guess him?This scenic spot, jiushan Mountain, is located in Jixian Xiaying town. Even local friends may not have heard of its name.The top of nine mountains is a scenic spot famous for its natural environment, with dense vegetation and quiet environment, which is very suitable for friends who do not like to join in the bustle.Maybe not into the scenic area, we will feel a strong natural breath, because of the dense vegetation here, so the content of negative oxygen ions is very high, especially after the rain, two sips will immediately feel refreshed.Of course, in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, there is also a unique cultural landscape.After entering the nine top mountain, you can see a rolling Great Wall, it is like a wolong general, entrenched in the nine peak surrounding, in fact, the Great Wall, is the famous Yellow Yaguan Great Wall, it was first built in the Northern Qi Period, more than 1500 years of history.In addition, the scenic area also has the sky tunnel, from the vulgar bridge, looking at these landscapes.If everybody good physical strength, can try to crawl a nine the top of the hill, it is said that it has 1078.5 meters tall, the highest peak is equivalent to 10 30 storeys of the building, it is just a straight line distance, if plus winding line, even those physical good friends, also can take 2-3 hours to govinda, for those physical strength not good friend,Can only hope and sigh.However, small make up feel most attractive scenic spots, step or cloud bridge, it is a connection in the above two peaks of suspension bridge, the bridge is the abyss, but you need not fear, because of the suspension bridge are specially designed, not shaking like the general suspension bridge, so you walk in the above, can experience the exciting feeling,You don’t have to worry about your personal safety.If you are interested, please come here and experience it yourself.Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any other thoughts about the Nine Peaks?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Another city in Jiangxi province, “Fa Li”, although not as famous as Jiujiang loud, but the scenery is more popular than Qingdao, yunnan, another tourist attraction, due to the serious commercialization of ridicule, tourists: can not accept