Wenzhou, Zhejiang, a high-speed mouth, Yan!More than 20 people with yellow and red codes have been transferred

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At present, the epidemic is spreading in many places across the country, and the prevention and control situation is still grim.In order to further strengthen personnel control in key areas and guard the gate of Longgang, the traffic police brigade of the Municipal Public Security Bureau overcame difficulties and stuck to the front line of epidemic prevention and control day and night.At the beginning of the New Year, longgang city public security traffic police brigade quickly into a state of emergency.Battalion chief CAI Shouchang led the team on duty personnel, in the dragon Port expressway exit emergency set up epidemic prevention card point.Since the New Year’s Day this year, Longgang Traffic police brigade sticks to the front line of epidemic prevention and control 24 hours a day, screening vehicles entering Longgang from middle and high-risk areas.Wang Feiguo, police officer, Traffic Police Brigade, Longgang Public Security Bureau:Since December 2021, our city longgang public security bureau traffic police brigade to arrange 15 police in longgang high-speed mouth every day 24 hours shift unattended, stick to jobs, to people and vehicles from high-risk areas in the country to intercept, and guide to testing station for nucleic acid testing and verification, if found to have abnormal epidemic prevention code in wenzhou, and so on and so forth, to take further steps.In the face of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation, all the police and auxiliary police of longgang Traffic Police Brigade participated in the work, and a large number of advanced individuals emerged.According to incomplete statistics, since the New Year’s Day, more than 6,000 vehicles have been intercepted and registered, and more than 20 people with yellow and red codes have been transferred.Truck driver Li: We often pass by this road, they are good at law enforcement, very serious.Bus passenger, Uncle Tang: The traffic police have done a good job. It’s good to be strict. Everyone wants to be safe.The Traffic Police Brigade of Longgang Municipal Public Security Bureau actively implemented the deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, scientifically formulated the control plan of expressways and cross-county highway channels, fought in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and gave overall consideration to epidemic prevention and control and road traffic management, regardless of the cold.Longgang City Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade auxiliary police Wei Liangyi: at this time of night, can not sleep more sleepy, especially high-speed mouth wind is relatively large, especially cold, can only be through stamping feet back and forth, rub your hands to get a little warm.Another is that our eyes, like radar, are constantly scanning to make sure we don’t miss any of the vehicles we’re trying to stop.There are indeed many difficulties, but all the police and auxiliary police of longgang Traffic Police brigade can definitely overcome all kinds of difficulties, unite as one, and guard the gate of longgang city to ensure the safety of people’s life and property.