Who’s the owl who’s the bad guy in the gold rush

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Gold rush has started, many fans should have started to see it, there are also a lot of characters, who is the owl inside?Who’s the bad guy in the play?A lot of people must have a lot of questions, right?Take a look!Gold Rush Owl is a gold dealer nicknamed “Owl” played by Suko.Because he is also evil in the black storm is also right role interpretation incisively and vividly, he is in the gold rush this play with Liao Fan play, visual impact will certainly be very strong!He can arrange people to steal Wu Jianchao (Liao Fan) years saved down the sands;He can also arrange for mysterious killers to infiltrate the gold factory to seize territory;He also can use honey trap, let a qiu of charm woman (Lv Xiaolin personates) sneak into wu Jianchao’s side, report a circumstance at any time.But he can not control all the sister ling old gold field happened!The old gold field has been abandoned for 10 years, but no one dares to enter the gold panning, there is a terrible reason.There are no survivors!Supernatural things happen all the time!Human-eyed goats, mysterious stone sculptures, and hallucinations…These are not “owl” this small role can design layout!Who is the bad man inside the gold rush play Chen Baojin is to query the death of his brother, came to the gold rush field.The adventure experience of ridge of old gold field sister, let him discover the truth of death of gold rush guest of past few 10 years, more discover his elder brother’s good friend gay friend Wu Jianchao, having the secret that cannot be concealed!In fact, the novel is a science fiction and suspense story, in which the water level in the upper reaches of the drama rises, the sand gold disappears, and the investigation clues left in the depths of the dense forest seem to be caused by natural conditions and human beings, but are the layout of high intelligence creatures.Let’s just assume he’s an alien!The ending is still unknown, the bad guys don’t know who it is, this is just a bold guess, we still wait and see!Above is “who is gold rush owl gold rush inside who is bad” all content, hope to help you!