Zhejiang added a new athlete to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games currently a total of 4 people

2022-06-10 0 By

On February 3, the reporter learned that according to the latest announcement by the International Snow Federation of the qualification of ski jumping in Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the athlete zhen Weijie from Zhejiang will participate in the men’s ski jumping team competition on February 14.At this point, Zhejiang to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games ice and snow athletes increased by 3 to 4 people.Zhen Weijie, who was born in 2003 and is from Xinchang, Shaoxing, was selected to the National Ski jumping Training team for the 2018 Beijing Winter Olympic Games through cross-field, cross-sport and cross-season national selection.Since 2019, Zhen weijie has gone to Finland for special platform training with the team and then moved to several European countries for competition training.It is reported that du Jiani, Wu Zhitao and Ye Jielong (substitute), who will compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics, are all snowmobilers.In addition to the above four athletes, several other zhejiang ice and snow athletes have been following the national team training and preparation.Shaoxing Shengzhou athlete Song Sikapply will participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as a trial skater for the steel frame snow team, and there are still opportunities for other skaters to participate in Beijing Winter Olympic Games in other ways.