Haikou has taken a number of measures to improve the nation’s first-aid capacity

2022-06-11 0 By

Haikou has taken various measures to improve the ability of national emergency treatment. It has built a “health barrier” and put 1,089 AED(automatic external defibrillator) in public places in the city, covering shopping malls, parks, schools and other places. It has been used 28 times and saved 4 people successfully.In recent years, Haikou city has continuously increased the intensity of AED in the whole city, and at the same time, strengthened the national first aid training, through the way of “professional first aid + national first aid”, to promote the construction of social first aid network system.This year, haikou 120 emergency center will focus on construction of comprehensive, improve the capacity by strengthening professional emergency personnel training, expand the scope of first aid training, carry out online training class, to promote professional emergency personnel, improve the capacity to drive the emergency ability of ascension, boost social aid network system construction, enhancing the health security barrier.Recently, hainan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government announced the practical matters for the people in 2022.One of them is to equip primary schools and A-level tourist attractions in the province with AED automatic external defibrillators.The reporter learned from haikou 120 emergency center that since 2018, Haikou has successively put AED in party and government organs, schools, hotels, scenic spots and other places in the city, with a total of 1,089 AED.At present, Haikou AED has covered shopping malls, parks, stations, docks, scenic spots and other public places and schools, fire stations, police stations, traffic booths, volunteer service stations, government affairs centers, community service stations, township health centers and other key places, and participated in the protection of various large-scale activities.Haikou also continues to promote the construction of first-aid safe houses in scenic spots and schools. At present, there are 10 first-aid safe houses in the city, distributed in Wanlu Garden, Nongkai Middle School, Haikou Economic College and other places, to improve the first-aid ability of citizens, tourists, universities and middle school students through regular and irregular training.In June last year, Haikou also launched the AED search function on the Haiyiban APP.Haikou 120 wechat public account has also launched an electronic map of Haikou AED. It is reported that AED has been used for 28 times in the city and saved 4 people successfully.At the same time, Haikou also insists on carrying out public aid training.In the past three years, haikou 120 Emergency Center has carried out 1,555 AED use training sessions, training 44,793 person-times.A first-aid volunteer service team of 1,332 people has been set up, carrying out 1,658 first-aid popularization public welfare activities, providing volunteer service for 56,000 hours and serving 87,564 people.”This year, we will focus on capacity improvement in an all-round way.”Fu Jie, deputy director of haikou 120 Emergency Center, said he hoped to encourage the masses to learn first aid and become “experts” in it.Fu jie said that this year, haikou 120 emergency center will fully promote capacity improvement construction.Among them, the city will actively implement the AED, strengthen the management of AED, and actively explore the linkage of fire and first aid.At the same time, the year of Capacity Improvement will be taken as an opportunity to continuously strengthen the first aid training for professional first aid personnel, and focus on strengthening the first aid training for rural doctors, improving the first aid ability of rural doctors, and improving the first aid level of grassroots medical and health institutions.For the 120 first-aid volunteer tutors of Haikou city, two sessions of retraining were carried out to further improve their teaching ability.For the masses, Haikou 120 First aid Center will continue to promote the “first aid training into communities, into villages, into schools, into enterprises, into institutions and units” public welfare activities, constantly expand the scope of first aid training, through the public welfare first aid training activities, comprehensively improve the ability of cadres and the masses of first aid.”This year, we will continue to carry out AED use training, which is expected to train more than 40,000 citizens.”FuJie said.In order to further expand the scope of training, this year, the city 120 emergency center also carried out offline first aid training on the basis of further upgrading training methods – actively develop online training system, volunteer online registration and management.And will continue to expand the volunteer service team, explore the 120 scheduling system and volunteer management system linkage, effectively improve the success rate of pre-hospital rescue, to promote haikou social first aid network system capacity improvement construction.