“Spring Festival I am on duty” loyalty to cast the most beautiful “police” color

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The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion and a good time to get together with your family.But for the police, the Spring Festival means perseverance and dedication.Reunion season, they guard at work, patrol in the cold night, rushing about in the area of the road……For the lights, peace and peace of the ice city.Double p family double XinHuan and abide by the traffic police detachment xiangfang brigade police xiangfang branch Yu Ting is a pair of husband and wife, the overall street police station police CongJing 10 years, eight years of marriage, though often gathered from much less, but they are husband and wife is also a comrade-in-arms, the Spring Festival this year, in their own positions, quietly watching the happiness of a family reunion after another.During the Spring Festival, in the round high-speed into a high Toll Gate, more than 20 degrees below zero in the cold, XinHuan standing for hours, this test is more than physical strength, but perseverance, but he knew that her mission and responsibility, he perseverance stick to, for the Spring Festival transportation safety and epidemic prevention and control on strict safety net, guarded the city people’s peace.Similarly, Yu Ting is busy nervously at the residence registration window of the Police station in Liushun Street.Every year, household registration business is heavy trifling, but “common people supreme” service concept has long been deeply rooted in yu Ting’s blood, she used household registration window before a meticulous little thing, sent warmth to the heart of the common people.Double police family means double pay, for this pair of police camp couple, the common adherence is a responsibility is a glory.They know that since they chose the police profession, destined to give up the small family for everyone, destined to stand together through thick and thin, fight side by side.They cherish the common dream and pursuit, in their respective jobs, practicing their loyalty to the Party, serve the people clank oath.Hand in hand will protect peace xiangfang branch red Street police station police Wang Chengzhuo and Xiangfang branch political police Liu Yang is countless “double police family” in a pair.This Spring Festival, they wear the most handsome dark blue “sweethearts outfit”, in their respective jobs, with a blood guard the city’s party peace.At home, Wang Chengzhuo and Liu Yang are a loving couple.In the police camp, they are fighting side by side with comrades.They have more understanding and understanding than ordinary families, and compose an extraordinary song of dedication together.This Spring Festival, Wang chengzhuo as usual in the police station on duty, stick to the front line 24 hours, for the district people to celebrate the festival escort.On the other hand, Liu Yang has not returned to her hometown for the Spring Festival for three consecutive years due to the epidemic. This year, she also chooses to stick to her job, writing manuscripts and binding materials…Do a good job for the work of the bureau, with responsibility and bear silently dedication.”Double police family” happiness, is fighting side by side care;The warmth of “double police family” is the family’s understanding and tolerance.In order to the common ideal in the heart, they chose the police this career, Wang Chengzhuo and Liu Yang this couple, give up the small family for everyone, loyal to their duties, the courage to take on, with practical action interpretation of the people’s police for the people’s mission, guard “everyone” peace and happiness.This Spring Festival, with the opening of the Snow Expo and the ice and snow World, Zheng Lei, a policeman of sun Island police Station of Songbei Branch, once again wrote down his petition and rushed to his “battlefield”.He always said, “If one family is not round, ten thousand families are round.”This is the seventh New Year that Zheng has spent on the job. During Spring Festival, there are relatively many tourists in the scenic spot, and Zheng lei’s job is to ensure the safety of every tourist.Every day, he repeatedly checks whether the safety facilities in the scenic spot are intact, whether the safety signs are clear, whether the fire and rescue facilities are complete, visits and surveys the shops in the scenic spot, informs the owners to timely check security loopholes, improves the equipment and facilities, and urges the rectification of various problems found in the inspection.At the same time, but also in the scenic spot to issue leaflets, patiently explain to tourists anti-fraud, anti-pickpocketing and other matters needing attention, told tourists to improve the awareness of prevention, provide intimate help to tourists for help, timely resolve tourist disputes……When he met lost elderly people and lost children, he would patiently guide them to tell their family information and send them to their families without thanking them or leaving their names.In the snow, snow and cold weather, he overcame his own physical discomfort, still stick to the post, to protect every tourist safe.”Little talk, much action!”This is the evaluation of zheng Lei by his colleagues. He is quiet and silent in our daily life, but he always goes into battle every time he is on duty.Zheng Lei worked hard for the safety of the ice city and the happiness of the people with high morale, fighting spirit and full of enthusiasm.Liu Siyu, a police officer in Dongcheng Police Station of Yilan County, joined the public security service at the end of 2020.These two years as the outbreak, si-yu liu as a retired soldiers, especially as a has a probationary party member, nine years he genuinely think that the more the people’s police in the national crisis, the more should dedicate myself in a line, so he joined to leadership, and pass up a chance to go home with friends and family reunion, stuck on the job.Counting this year, it has been three years since I went back to my hometown in Shangzhi city for the Spring Festival.This year’s Spring Festival, he told friends and relatives, because wearing this blue, shoulder is the responsibility and hope, the more in the holiday, the more should increase security control efforts, so that the district residents rest assured, peace of mind in a peaceful and stable Spring Festival.Liu siyu’s family also understood and supported his choice.His family said: “Though he is only a grassroots police officer, he is a hero in the hearts of his family.”New Year’s firecrackers, the public security patrol at night si-yu liu saw blooms of fireworks in the sky, the mind is not failed to “homesickness” home New Year, but a kind of pride and achievement, it is because there are many people like his defender in the post, to maintain the peace of the social stability, to let more people to enjoy the happiness of the family.Perhaps everyone is very ordinary, but because there are more and more ordinary people to have the courage to devote themselves, only to create great, become extraordinary.Yilan County Bureau criminal investigation brigade police Rao Chao’s hometown in Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, for him, “year” is a wanderer’s spiritual support, but also a responsibility.This year’s Spring Festival, when the family reunion, although very miss home relatives, but he still chose to spend the New Year on the spot, to protect the peace of the family.Rao has not been home for Spring Festival for two years since the epidemic began in 2020.This year is his seventh year from the police, because of busy work, usually have little opportunity to go home to see.During the Spring Festival this year, most of the non-local staff in Yilan County Bureau responded to the national call to celebrate the Spring Festival locally. At the same time, the pressure of security prevention and control of the criminal investigation department during the Spring Festival was greater than usual. The criminal investigation police were on duty 24 hours a day to prepare for duty is normal, so Rao chao again chose to stick to his post and celebrate the Spring Festival locally.When he talked about his parents in his hometown, he said, “Every time I have a video with my parents, they repeatedly told me to work hard, pay attention to safety and take care of my health.I was going to visit them this year, but the epidemic is not over yet, so I have to stick to my post and protect the security and stability of my district.”