Sprinkle a sweat, stand out chest through the colorful youth, because the front is a piece of light

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In the torrent of youth, in the middle of the water, waves to the boat;In the fate of the sea, eagles strike the sky, cranes row clouds;In the time of the deep mountains, tiger roaring forest, waves roll thousands of miles;In the long river of power the fish glides to the shallow bottom and the waves skim the seaweed.A poem, hazy strange, brilliant dazzling;A wisp of wind, fresh heart, floating amazing.Youth is a state of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions, it is the deep spring of life.Waiting for youth can only wait for the spread of wrinkles, waiting for youth can only wait for years of spit and white eyes.Youth is just a station on the journey of life.Slip in, slip out.To drive out of the station is to choose, and the choice is already ripe in the station.Youth, like a waving ribbon, reveals its delicate figure in the dazzling skill of the performer;Youth, such as a whistling tornado, in between heaven and earth without bogey to write passion, and suddenly;Youth, like a pot of boiling water, beating without reservation in the pot, showing its amazing vitality.Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease, of impulse over melancholy.What is life without passion?Striver natural and unrestrained, through the station, sprinkle a handful of sweat spirit to the next station;The cowardly spittle, through the post station, nostalgia station in front of the scenery, the crossroads with tears in his face wandering do not know where to go.Sweat, the nutrition of youth, youth due to sweat soaked and full full;Tears, the solvent of youth, youth was dissolved and diluted, diluted youth was dissolved by solvent decomposition left only a pair of unyielding body.Those who pass by the posting-houses say youth is hard to forget;The face of the station said that youth is difficult to read.In fact, youth is just a cup of wine, drink more mellow;Youth is just a piece of white paper, the more painting more wonderful.Youth is a fair family, everyone in the world has youth.An idiot thinks it cheap and wastes it at will, and he will always be an idiot;Warriors think it is true, always the pursuit of struggle, they will always be warriors.Water like time, dream like life, honey like youth, leaving a rainbow like pondering memories, passion for.Destined to be interpreted by you, in the face of youth, a sweat, straight face through the Courier station – in front of a lang lang day!Passion burning youth forever radiant, youth years of heart music will always stir the heart, the long river of poetry will always swing a chord!