A Friend who forgets the Years (Short novel)

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Lao Zhao and Xiao Zhao are good friends, Lao Zhao idle, will call Xiao Zhao, two people find a place to drink a little wine.When Xiao Zhao is free, he came to Lao Zhao’s house, when Lao Zhao even with Lao Wang, Lao Zhang about a good evening party will be pushed off, fried two small dishes and xiao Zhao drink at home.Lao Zhao and Xiao Zhao met by chance, Lao Zhang said it was at a party.There were 15 people at the table. Several of them were new friends brought by friends. Xiao Zhao was one of them.The party was as usual, drinking and talking.There is no theme, follow one’s inclination. when it comes to happiness, we raise our wine glasses and drink a color.No one expected that Lao Zhao and Xiao Zhao became good friends.Sometimes I think it is really strange that the two friends, who are 20 years apart in age and only met once over a wine table, are even closer than friends who have known each other for many years.However, Lao Wang and Zhang kept their eyes wide open and repeatedly tried to insinuate Lao Zhao, saying that there were all kinds of people in the society and that we should not just look at them and do nothing to harm others.Lao Zhao laughed: I think too much, how can there be so many bad people!Lao Zhao lived alone, and his son’s daughter-in-law went abroad after marriage.Talking about his son, not only Lao Zhao’s eyes lit up, but also Lao Wang, Lao Zhang and other old friends were happy for him.Lao Zhao is not easy!Lao Zhao used to work in an office. When he resigned to start a business, his colleagues Lao Wang and Lao Zhang repeatedly advised him not to act on impulse.Lao Zhao is the most progressive of them all, and the appointment of the deputy chief will be announced in a few days.But Old Zhao mind has decided, who advised also advised not to turn back.He did it for his son.Zhao’s wife died in childbirth while his mother was still alive. With her help, Zhao became both father and mother.My son is now a toddler, in kindergarten, and in primary school.Lao Zhao’s mother died just before her grandson’s primary school graduation. That’s when Lao Zhao quit his job. He needed time to lay a solid foundation for his son’s growth.Olympiad, English, piano, painting, other children signed up, his son also does not give up.Through the wind and rain, the moped changed one after another. In a flash of more than 10 years, his efforts paid off: his son was admitted to the city’s key high school;Into the university of his heart;I finished my undergraduate study with a master’s degree, and my doctor’s degree was in a foreign country.His son and daughter-in-law kept picking him up, saying, “Dad should enjoy his happiness!”Lao Zhao never nodded, said: I am very happy here.There are many of Lao Zhao’s friends here, such as Lao Wang.Lao Zhao can not forget, when he just enter the sea, 50 thousand yuan was cheated by the person when replenish stock, that is almost all his mobile capital, blow is huge.Lao Zhao is actually very cautious, the agency work for several years have seen a lot of people and things, unexpectedly planted in the hands of the old classmate……To his surprise, Lao Wang sent 50 thousand yuan to his home that night.At that time 50 thousand yuan not to say is an astronomical figure, is also an ordinary organ cadre more than a year do not eat do not drink the sum of salary income!There is Lao Zhang, Lao Zhao busy but when the children pick up, including to help him deliver goods, are Lao Zhang driving the Santana…They are Lao Zhao’s lifelong friends.However old zhao and small zhao go more and more close, old wang Lao Zhang where put heart, old zhao lives alone, time grew in the heart hard to avoid — bear the sweet talk of small zhao?The afternoon of this weekend, Lao Wang Lao Zhang two people drink tea in teahouse and talk about this matter again, Lao Wang reminds of suddenly, that day is Lao Yang takes small zhao to come, then pick up mobile phone, unexpectedly “number does not exist”.Lao Wang’s heart suddenly sank. Lao Yang had known him through Lao Qin, and they didn’t have much contact.Not how familiar with Lao Yang, and more unfamiliar with xiao Zhao – Lao Wang Lao Zhang looked at each other, suddenly have a fear, Lao Zhao recently rarely contact with them, is not small zhao ruhuang qiao tongue – can not help but one voice: go to Lao Zhao!Autumn is crisp, the afternoon sun shines on the body warm, two people riding “xiao Huang”, not for a moment, to.Lao Zhao is at home, xiao Zhao is also there, there is a little friend, is xiao Zhao’s son.The mystery was instantly solved.The original xiao Zhao worship old Zhao, old Zhao youthful glow.This is not, small zhao with small zhao came to worship “teacher”.Xiao Zhao is a single father, his career is smooth, but by the naughty son to get burned, after knowing Old Zhao was moved by the story of old Zhao hard to cultivate his son, often come to ask for advice.Old zhao saw his own early figure in the body of small zhao, especially kind, volunteered to little zhao’s growth out of force…Lao Zhao’s life is more fulfilling, besides drinking with his old friends, he also has a family happiness.It’s as simple as that.Lao Wang looked at Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang looked at Lao Zhao, and said at the same time: look for a place to celebrate tonight!Author: Wei Fuchun (Fansheng) member of Shanghai Writers Association, member of China Miniature Fiction Society, director of Shanghai Miniature Fiction Society.Since 1983, successively in “green shoots” film and television literature “fiction” the writers and the short story “red bean” monthly bulletin of miniature novels the procuratorial daily “golden hill” “China today” liberation daily “literary newspaper the xinmin evening news, such as newspapers and magazines published novels, affair, prose, etc. More than thousand, hundred million words.