Attention!Wangcheng district t-bay and tongguan part of the area will stop air

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Attention!Hope t bay city and copper parts will stop gas journal, the new client in hunan on March 14 (reporter Xie Lu correspondent Huang Mingqi) the reporter learns from changsha xinao gas co., LTD. Today, to cope with Newport changsha (phase 3) construction of railway private sidings, the officer looked at the city hedong t-shaped bay and copper area part of the user to stop gas,The shutdown time is from 22:00 on March 15, 2022 to 8:00 on March 16, 2022. Please pay attention to the following affected residents and units.Residents of gas users include: changsha xiangjiang river avenue, new hualian copper kiln (the dorm and villa), gold twip water county, jia yu beibu gulf (xiangjiang beicheng), t officer mountain village, south town, jing Yang avenue jiing binjiang New York, Jin Fu beicheng, LiuJia Village community, dean rings bay village, Shi Yun civil court, beicheng music, music of minhang institution, roll over, star city.Industrial and commercial users with gas outages include:Changsha xiangjiang river avenue, new hualian copper kiln all industrial and commercial households, jia yu first phase of the beibu gulf kindergartens canteens, gently Ding Jiang middle school, hunan school of foreign languages and the surrounding businesses, hunan vocational college of foreign languages (new campus) and the surrounding industrial and commercial households, lotus road Lin hkust concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals academy and the surrounding businesses, hunan vocational college of foreign trade development center for dining room, the blue jinfu beicheng kindergartens canteens, wangchengDingzi District Police Station,Hope t town city traffic police force canteen, changsha fire team book church team canteen, chardonnay sewage treatment plant, hunan xiangjiang river avenue heng ShengRuiTong new building materials co., LTD., hunan knowledge education technology co., LTD., hunan tolo doors and Windows engineering co., LTD., hunan xiangjiang river new city commercial Banks to the dining room, yu into food, red star north ShengBing library boiler and canteen, t town jing Yang avenue gerber household, gold bay commercial plaza, the United States in the United States commercial plaza, xiang embellish international hotel, fat kitchen home restaurant, wang ji powder noodle restaurant in changsha Eric, taste standard catering, fitness, ji yuan flour pavilion, have taoyuan food restaurant, the door of the house had rice, pure wild soil, nest to theme hotel, turn all restaurant facade, officer mountain village community and industrial and commercial door, beicheng music all businesses and all LiuJia Village village of industry and commerceHouseholds, shiyun community north and south courtyard industrial and commercial businesses, north town catering.[Editor: Feng Hao]