Chinese soccer still depends on women!The Women’s football team has reached the Final of the Asian Cup for the first time in 13 years

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This Spring Festival, Chinese football fans are finally proud of the women’s soccer team!The Chinese men’s national football team lost 3-1 in Vietnam on the first day of the lunar New Year, but fortunately, the Chinese women’s national football team beat Vietnam 3-1 at the same time to reach the semi-finals of the Asian Cup and lock up the qualification for the 2023 World Cup.Just one day before the start of Spring of the New Year, China’s women’s football team faced Japan in the Semifinal of the Asian Cup at 22:00 on February 3rd, the eve of the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.In the case of the Japanese team advanced in extra time, Wang Shanshan in the 119th minute for the Chinese women’s football team absolutely even!The two sides went to penalty kicks 2-2.In the penalty shootout, Chinese goalkeeper Zhu Yu was the first to save the penalty, but Zhang Xin also missed.The last penalty, Zhu Yu saves again!In 47 minutes, xiao Yuyi, who had just come off the bench, set up wu Chengshu to equalise.Extra time, Ueki riko before the header scored twice.The 119th minute, Wang Shanshan into the absolute flat goal.The Chinese women’s team has won the Asian Cup eight times, the most in the tournament’s history, but last won the title in 2006. With the rise of Asian rivals, The Chinese women’s team has long failed to reach the top of Asia.After finishing runner-up in 2008, China finished fourth in 2010 and third in 2014 and 2018.As for the characteristics of the Japanese women’s football team, The head coach of The Chinese women’s football team, Shui Qingxia said: “The Japanese team is quite skilled in passing and catching the ball, the team has a very tacit understanding, and there are many changes on the field.We need to be prepared to play to our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, play to our strengths in inhibition and counter-inhibition, and play our own game.”The fast closing down of The Japanese women’s football players once made the women’s football team very uncomfortable.”It can go one of two ways, win or lose. I’m more focused on playing our game and how we respond to adversity.”However, Shui qingxia fielded a surprising starting line-up – wang Shuang, who had scored one goal and two assists against Vietnam, was on the bench.It is reported that Wang Frost is sprained ankle injury.China women’s first round: Zhu Jue, Wang Xiaoxue, Ma Jun, Zhang Xin, Yao Wei, Wang Shanshan, Lou Jiahui, Wu Chengshu, Yao Lingwei, Tang Jiali, Zhang Linyan.In the first half, The Chinese women’s football team was not used to the opponent’s continuous fast closing down. In the 33rd minute, The Chinese women’s football team lost the ball, and The Japanese team Riko Ueki caught the marking error and headed the ball into the net.At the start of the second half, the substitution worked wonders for the Chinese women’s football team – wu Chengshu equalised in the 47th minute with an assist from xiao Yuyi, who had just come off the bench.Although China made some mistakes after that, it also limited Japan with its overall defense and counterattack, and the two sides went into extra time.In the 103rd minute of extra time, Riko Uechi headed home a goal from a set piece, which was later confirmed by VAR.But the Chinese women’s football team did not give up a glimmer of hope!The 119th minute, Wang Shanshan absolutely flat!Then The Chinese women’s football team in the penalty shootout, relying on goalkeeper Zhu Yu two saves, eliminated the Japanese team!The Chinese women’s team has won 19 of 42 matches against Japan, but lost all four of their previous matches, last beating Japan in an Olympic qualifier in 2016.China, who reached the final of the Asian Cup, will play South Korea for the title on Feb. 6.