Make every effort to ensure the opening of the “four forces” spring ploughing

2022-06-13 0 By

Spring returns to the earth, all things compete, the horn of spring ploughing sounds through the fields.In recent days, Zhoubai street adhere to the “four to send force”, all-out “spring ploughing war”, to ensure the steady development of agricultural production throughout the year.In terms of overall planning and dispatching, the sub-district agricultural service center will continue to work with all communities (villages) to make a comprehensive understanding of the planting scale, planting varieties, labor distribution, material reserves and other conditions under the jurisdiction.At the same time, set up the demand ledger and analyze it.On this basis, orderly scheduling and rationing to achieve accurate, scientific and balanced guarantee.We will give full play to the advantages of the “integration of social media, social media, and social media” mechanism to ease farmers’ financing difficulties and pave the way for agricultural production.We will strengthen the protection of cultivated land, strictly observe the “red line” of cultivated land, speed up the work of land reclamation and replanting, and ensure that every piece of land gives full play to its “energy”.We will speed up the deployment of special campaigns to control agricultural non-point source pollution, such as the collection and treatment system for waste agricultural film, the treatment of aquaculture manure and the cleaning of feed, and promote the use of harmless and green farming technologies to ensure the quality of agricultural products.In the technical support to continue to send force to the new era of civilization practice activities for the start of the organization of village cadres into the village.Through the convening of dam meetings, issuing leaflets and other ways, the publicity of grain subsidies, agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, agricultural insurance and other agriculture-supporting and benefiting policies, to guide farmers to actively invest in spring ploughing preparation.Up to now, we have held 5 special meetings, distributed more than 2000 copies of various publicity materials, pushed more than 200 wechat and QQ work group messages, carried out more than 20 publicity visits to villages and households, and distributed more than 300 copies of planting guidelines.In addition, we also carried out door-to-door service of agricultural technical guidance for spring ploughing preparation, organized more than 10 agricultural technical personnel to go deep into the fields, strengthened spring field management and seedling monitoring, solved planting problems and guided farmers to cultivate rationally.Agricultural technology experts were invited to carry out 10 trainings on spring ploughing technology, with about 800 farmers being trained.We organized assistance cadres stationed in villages to visit farmers’ homes to help solve practical problems in agricultural production and ensure that agricultural production work got off to a good start throughout the year.In terms of material supply, we will continue to make efforts to give full play to the interaction and mutual promotion of supply and marketing cooperatives, seedling companies and agricultural materials sales individuals, and accurately count the stock and sales of seedlings, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides and other materials within the jurisdiction to ensure adequate supply.We spared no effort to open up transportation channels for materials, carried out road maintenance and clearing for more than 10 times, and focused on eliminating hidden dangers on main roads and industrial roads.We will set up transport fleets for agricultural supplies to the countryside and create a “one-hour material transport circle”.Timely grasp the supply situation of agricultural materials in the market, help to do a good job in the transfer of various agricultural production materials such as seeds, fertilizers, agricultural film, agricultural machinery and tools, and have reserved 10 tons of corn seeds, 10 tons of rice seeds, and 5 tons of agricultural film.Strengthen the supervision and inspection of agricultural supplies market, severely investigate and punish illegal operation and fake and shoddy agricultural supplies, effectively purify agricultural supplies market.In the “according to the kind of policy” continued to force for the area of morchella, red peanut, crispy red plum, small yellow ginger and other characteristic industries, set up a special industrial party group, formulate industrial development plans.In the face of the market trend, we accelerated the distribution of agricultural product finishing industry, signed cooperation agreements with eight market players, and built a 50,000-ton agricultural product deep processing production line.We will strengthen industrial chains, provide diverse product supplies, extend industrial chains, upgrade value chains, and improve interest chains.