Story: prostitute gets married, discover father-in-law is oneself regular guest unexpectedly, she makes a crazy move

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In ancient times, there was an oil salesman named Bao Qingtian in Suzhou. His family was poor and his life was very difficult.That summer, Bao qingtian was on the street selling oil when he came across a prostitute, Hong Xiao, who had gone out to buy rouge. Her purse was stolen by a thief. Fortunately, Bao caught the thief in time to help Her get it back.Bao Qingtian was born good-looking and handsome. When Red Xiao was rescued by Bao Qingtian as a hero, she fell in love with him. Bao also didn’t mind that He was a prostitute and fell in love with him at first sight.After spending time with Bao Qingtian, She finds that bao is honest and kind-hearted and has never done anything wrong to her. She falls in love with him and takes out her savings to buy her freedom, intending to marry him.After she was freed, Bao arranged for her to stay with relatives while bao and her mother cleaned up the house and planned to marry her. But on their wedding day, Red Xiao did something crazy.The father of Bao Qingtian bao old man is good at eating lazy, bao Old man often mixes with a flock of evil friends in the outside hu, 35 genius comes home, and he comes home every time is to want money to Bao Qingtian, if Bao Qingtian does not give, bao Old man can be violent dozen the mother Zhao shi of Bao Qingtian.Bao Qingtian love dearly mother, every time by the bag old man took hold of the dead, can only give money.Bao Qingtian’s hard-earned money was squandered by bao old man, so bao’s family is so poor.Bao Qingtian got married without telling him, but the old man heard the wind and rushed back. Unexpectedly, when Red Xiao saw bao qingtian on the day of his marriage, she changed her face immediately.On the day bao Qingtian got married, he got up very early on purpose. After getting dressed neatly, he took the red xiao to Bao’s house. The couple worshipped heaven and earth and were sent to the wedding room.Inside the wedding room, as soon as Bao Qingtian lifted the hood for Red Xiao, the old man broke in with several friends and demanded to see the bride. Unexpectedly, they were stunned when they saw her appearance.The bride was initially displeased when she saw her father-in-law and several men breaking into the bridal chamber. But when she saw him, she froze in her tracks and then looked incredulous.When She saw her father-in-law bao, She looked flustered. Subconsciously, she tried to hide behind Bao Qingtian, but it was too late, when bao’s other friends asked aloud, “Isn’t this The Girl from Yihong Yuan?Bao, you are her regular customer. How did she become your daughter-in-law?”Hearing these cheeky old rascals’ dirty and ugly words, old Man Bao couldn’t bear it and immediately burst into a fit. He didn’t care if bao still had it and forced him to put it away.Bao Qingtian did not dislike her status. She thought that if she married Bao Qingtian, she would be able to live the happy life she wanted. However, she did not expect until she married Bao’s home that her father-in-law was a regular visitor to her house.The more she thought about it, the worse she felt. She felt extremely embarrassed when she saw bao forcing him to divorce her. She felt ashamed of bao qingtian, so she pulled off a hairpin and stabbed it into her chest.Bao Qingtian was the first to react. He hurried to check, only to find that Red Xiao had died of gas.Bao Qingtian finally married his favorite girl, but unexpectedly she died in front of him. The more he thought about it, the more he felt sad. He immediately drove the old man and others out of the house and couldn’t help crying while holding the red xiao.Feeling inconsolable, Bao pulled out a hairpin on her chest and followed her. By the time the old man and the others broke into the house again, Bao had lost his breath.After this, Bao regretted what he had done and felt that he had hurt his son. From then on, he changed his ways and did not hang out with those people any more. However, his lost son and daughter-in-law would never come back.Many people don’t know regret until they have had a big mistake. However, many things happen, even if it is too late to regret.