Does facial appearance have anything to do with marriage?New criteria for choosing a husband: Zhou Yumin’s facial appearance is “outstanding style”

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The Spring Festival holiday just over half, continue to talk about a call older youth deeply uncomfortable topic – blind date.The Spring Festival arrived, blind date.Apart from the factors of civilization development, today’s Spring Festival has no taste of that time.Ten years ago, we lamented that the flavor of the New Year had become weak;Ten years later, we began to try to find the feeling of Chinese New Year.A large part of the reason why the flavor of the New Year has weakened is that those marriageable young people have regarded the “Spring Festival” as a “pass”.While browsing Zhihu, a netizen shared his Spring Festival experience in the past seven years.She deeply felt that last year’s Spring Festival was the most “warm” Spring Festival she had.Due to the epidemic, last year’s Spring Festival did not go home, successfully avoid the seven aunts arranged blind date program, and this year’s Spring Festival is not so lucky.In order to go home for the Spring Festival, I booked my flight tickets in advance and stared at the screen of my mobile phone every day to pay attention to the situation of the epidemic in my hometown and local areas.Finally, lucky to escape the epidemic “blocking”, take a three-hour flight back home.As a result, the next day was pulled by aunt aunt to blind date.It’s not just one scene, two scenes, but a series of scenes, one scene after another.In the words of the friend, it’s called the village tour, the village tour.This kind of “assembly line” dating mode, most of them are engaged in a conversation for 10 or 20 minutes, the so-called topic is the epidemic, some of the most comprehensive topics.The outcome is mostly to leave a backup wechat signal.After talking for three or five days at home, there was no follow-up.After watching her blind date experience, many netizens expressed empathy and a sense of deja vu.Perhaps it is the reason why the process of blind date is basically the same.Interestingly, some of our online friends shared even more “exciting” experiences in the comments section.For example, in the basic education, job, income, car, some parents will add “appearance” conditions.When it comes to dating, it is not a new trend that is “in the ascendance”.As early as many years ago, the old wives in the hutongs in Beijing had already listed “facial appearance” as one of the criteria for choosing a husband when matchmaking for a girl.One of the most classic examples is that those old ladies think the “national husband” Wang Sicong’s face is not up to standard, and the face of Zhou Yumin is the face of a high-quality son-in-law.If you want to find a handsome son-in-law, then we have to admit that Vic Zhou is a little bit more handsome than Wang Sicong.In fact, what she cares about is not the level of appearance, but the perspective of “traditional folk culture”.The author specially went to the Internet to check, there is about Zhou Yumin’s facial analysis, really scared me a big jump, not only have the analysis conclusion, but also the analysis is well-reasoned.Some people think: Zhou Yumin is a typical long face, with a pair of thick sleeping silkworm eyebrows, nose wing is very straight and steep, mouth slightly up, revealing a kind, practical, noble temperament.Further in-depth analysis, The face of Zhou Yumin belongs to the kind of especially good popularity, because the eyes with peach blossom, the eyes are relatively large, the ears are a little wind, and then with the sleeping silkworm eyebrow, it is a good man with a single-minded feeling.Anyway, listen to those “master” analysis is well – informed, also do not know is true or false.Those so-called “masters” probably didn’t graduate from primary school either.If you had graduated from primary school, you would not have done this job.Whether on the Internet or among the people, information about physiognomy culture is overwhelming.For example, to face with peach blossom face, some people say: peach blossom divorce phase, tail bifurcation rotten peach blossom, family feelings cross, grain auxiliary main affair, life auxiliary obstacle line, grain fracture is the key, rape flaw dispute, to court teeth disorders, eyes like flow ripple qiu Bo send, the most flirtatious speech is true.Above this paragraph, the author did not refer to the information in detail, the general meaning is not difficult to understand, mainly says that there is a peach blossom on the face of the Lord lanqing.I won’t go into too much detail here.The author wants to talk more about “facial appearance and marriage after all have relation” topic.The origin of physiognomy There is a view that physiognomy originated from physiognomy livestock.While this view is difficult to examine, it is not necessarily wrong.Those who have lived in rural areas should know that there are people who know how to look at livestock in rural areas. For example, if someone wants to buy a horse, cow or sheep, they will ask them to go to the scene together.Amazingly, those who look at horses can tell roughly from the animal’s appearance whether it is going to be healthy and how old it will grow, with seven or eight out of ten accuracy.As to whether it originated from cattle, it is hard to say.In history, about the origin of which dynasty which generation.The author thinks, should be in han Dynasty.In the middle of the Western Han Dynasty, a scholar-official named Dai De compiled a book named Da Dai Li Ji, which recorded: Once yao took a man for his appearance, once yao for his appearance, Shun for his color, Yu for his speech, Tang for his voice, and King Wen for his degree.It can be seen that ancient emperors have begun to judge whether a person is important or not by his appearance.Of course, the Book was written by people in the Han Dynasty, so it is impossible to tell whether the content is real material in ancient times.Sima Qian, another historian of the Western Han Dynasty, wrote in Records of the Grand Historian: king Goujian of Yue, with eagle eyes and Wolf’s care, and a bird’s beak with a long neck, shared adversity but not happiness.Gou Jian, king of Yue, had eagle’s eyes, Wolf’s neck and bird’s mouth.Therefore, the hero Wenzhong ended up in a tragic death.Towards the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, another historical figure with the neck of a Wolf appeared and became notorious for thousands of years, namely sima Yi.In modern times, zeng Guofan and his “Ice Jian” were highly praised by the cultural circle.For a long time, officials and rich people regarded it as the standard and treasure.Slowly, the upsurge of modern physiognomy began.Is physiognomy really so magical?You cannot say that physiognomy is wrong, still less that it is right.To a certain extent, or to go back to the history of development, it is actually a statistical “science”, or a simple philosophical science.Because it is not supported by specific scientific theories, it does not have a rigorous derivation process like modern science.It is the accumulation of experience based on long-term statistical data.For example, if people with a certain physioglogy generally shared certain traits, the physioglogy would have been recorded as a “science” of the time.Similar to the ancients believed that women belong to Yin, the main ground, so a woman’s ground pavilion, namely chin, is very important.Men belong to the Yang, the Lord heaven, so the heaven of men, the forehead, is very important.Under the support of such principle, there is the saying of “full heaven, square and square earth”.Men aside, look at the current online celebrity face shape, face with a round chin is extremely rare.A lot of women are looking for an “Internet celebrity face shape”, opening the corners of the eyes, slimming the face, shaving the chin…A comparison book would scare the masters to death.Modern Internet celebrities have a pointed chin and a face that, by ancient standards, looks like misery.In fact, life has such a face of the girl is very popular, casually out of the mirror with a goods, hundreds of thousands of millions of income, their range of mate resources and their wealth created, has not far beyond the category of face books.So, from this point of view, physiognomy is hard to justify.The relation between physiognomy and marriage, is no relation In the author’s opinion, physiognomy “scientific” place is that “physiognomy comes from the mind”.By observing a person’s facial appearance, we can judge their inner activities and state of health.It would be ridiculous to say that a person’s face is a predictor of his or her future.The reason is very simple, since you admit that “appearance is generated by the mind”, and people’s heart can be changed, it can be said that the state of movement, then how can you judge a person’s future with the present face.The same is true of marriage. There is no such thing as “one side fixes the whole life”.A lifetime of happiness does not depend on a good face.If so, does marriage not become a kind of opportunism?So, face has nothing to do with marital happiness.