Hao Yingpeng supervised work safety, food safety and epidemic prevention and control before the Spring Festival

2022-06-14 0 By

On the morning of January 30, Hao Yingpeng, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and head of the county, led the heads of government offices, health and housing departments to inspect work safety, food safety and epidemic prevention and control before the Spring Festival.Government deputy county magistrate Kou Qingmin, Jia Liqiao to participate in the supervision.Hao Yingpeng line successively came to chanteau hotel, county bus station, yi jia yue east ring shop, st, the science and technology co., LTD., China and South Korea industrial park, east cheung chemical, deep dragon chemical, xihe institutes of health, in the north village, take the field view, listen to the report, detailed understanding of production safety, epidemic prevention and control, market supply and so on each work to carry out the situation.Hao Yingpeng pointed out that the Spring Festival approaching, work safety in production should not be ignored, the various departments at various levels shall strengthen the bottom line of thinking, suffering consciousness, hold firmly grasp the real fine work safety in production, implement various security measures and responsibilities, do leave no dead Angle, the rectification of the February leave hidden trouble, to ensure production safety and the social harmony and stability during the Spring Festival.Hao Yingpeng stressed that at present, the passengers flow increase, the market active trading, aggregation activity increases, the disease spread risk further, epidemic prevention and control work is facing new challenge test, the county to resolutely overcome the paralysis of thought, slacken, compaction compaction parties responsibilities, completes the duty unattended and grid management and so on each work, pays special attention to the normalized epidemic prevention and control,We will ensure that all prevention and control measures are fully implemented.Hao yingpeng stressed that during the Spring Festival, the masses of grain, oil, vegetables, meat and other necessities of life demand, commodity supply and market prices are closely related to people’s lives, relevant departments must do their best to ensure market supply, to ensure that the festival market supplies are abundant and orderly.We need to strengthen supervision over food quality, distribution and consumption, especially the cold chain and imported food, to ensure food safety, and ensure that people have a safe, healthy, happy and peaceful Spring Festival.