Hi color | is injected into the “blues” soul of the bedroom, another clear and clever

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Blue, the color with the shortest wavelength of the three primary colors, symbolizes eternity.Blue also symbolizes youth.In China, there is a word “youth”, green means, is the color of hope.Blue free soul, with unique purity.Its aesthetic beauty and quiet and vivid, all melt in that quiet tone.Calm in the collection of infinite vitality and power, like flying birds, like blue sea blue sky, looking at the heart will slowly calm.In household design, no matter be large area uses blue to reflect leisurely and tall cold, still be the dreamy nappiness that local ornament gives, can let the home blossom give another kind glamour.The poetic forget-me-not blue, like the sea with the waves of spray, and like the great age of navigation people for the mysterious reverie of the Eastern world.In household design, the blue metope of forget-me-not of high purity can make whole space more show reason, quiet, contemporary.Used as a dynamic line ornament, also like sending out the charm of water overflow, separated from all natural external forms, so openly showing the artistic beauty of benevolence.Dream free sky melts white pure and fresh blue white household, have white concise, also have blue relaxed.That touch of sky and sea color, very stabilizing effect.Clean and immaculate white, can make the person feels free, open.The home that such combination rises, can build the tender feeling space that gives vast and comfortable like nature.Macaron temptation adds pink blue to let a person relax, pink represents romance, when such cool and warm tonal collision each other, had sweet and not greasy Macaron lubricious simple sense, beauty and not colourful, quietly elegant and not arrogant.Compact and pure and fresh space, instantly let a person experience the soft feeling of love like a girl.Mediterranean slow time compose yellow blue and yellow are relatively cold contrast color, as complementary color, its application scene and color matching effect does not lose any kind of contrast color, can be simple but elegant, can be fashionable, can be bright, can also be low-key.Blue and yellow can be each other’s background color, but also can complement each other’s embellishment color, so bright color collocation, directly force natural beach scenery, let a person shine at the moment.When the blue space adds a little elegant gray, the home environment will instantly have a concrete texture.Not only increased integral color level, also can let a person produce the illusion of color change.Just like the spirit, make the space more clever and jumping sense.Cool fashion rubik’s cube orange when the low brightness of the dark blue meet the beautiful orange, a quiet and comfortable, a vibrant.The strong visual impact will immediately condense into a super fashionable combination, sending out unexpected dynamic and dynamic beauty, adding a youth and vitality to home life.This kind of color is tie-in, more can mobilize the optimistic life attitude with high and uplifting.