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“Strategy is to make judgments and decisions based on the overall, long-term and overall situation,” Xi said in a speech at the opening of a seminar for provincial-level officials to study and implement the guiding principles of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee.We are a big party leading a big country and undertaking a great cause. We need to be good at strategic thinking and thinking strategically.”This is not only a requirement for provincial and ministerial leading cadres, but also applies to leading cadres at other levels.The formation of strategy is an important part of leading activities and the ability of strategic thinking is a basic quality and ability that leading cadres at all levels must possess.A, attaches great importance to the strategic wisdom is the core of Chinese traditional culture essence always values of Chinese traditional culture and its essence is good at using strategic thinking big, early in “the rites, the doctrine of the mean,” there is “everything is made, BuYuZeFei” the old adage, “forecast” here is prepared, including ideological preparation and preparing work, should fight no battle unprepared, and “state” is a success.In a word, to achieve a successful career in reality, we must have a clear goal, careful preparation and thorough deployment.Anticipation is the foundation of success, failure is the root of failure.Sun Tzu’s Art of War: Strategies and Attacks says, “It is because of this that victory in one hundred battles is not a virtue.It is good to subdue the enemy without fighting.”If we can “subdue the enemy without fighting”, then we have reached the highest level of war.Here, “no war” is neither cowardly nor incapable of fighting, but with the help of necessary strategic wisdom, after grasping a certain initiative in the war, forcing the enemy to take the initiative to admit defeat.Behind “no war” is actually active preparations for war, which calls for a superb strategic response.In addition, “he who does not plan for life, cannot plan for a time;Those who do not plan for the overall situation will fail to plan for a single area. “This also means that we need to have strategic thinking, global awareness and long-term vision.In our daily life, people often say that “without foresight, one must have immediate worries”, “prepare for rainy days”, “military capabilities”, “foresight”, “ingenious strategies”, “strategizes” and “one careless move, all will lose”, etc. The precious legacy of strategic thinking left by ancient people still shines with wisdom today.To promote the creative transformation and development of fine traditional Chinese culture in the new era, we should attach great importance to, learn from and draw on China’s traditional strategic wisdom, and use it to achieve big, overall and long-term goals.As a great strategist recognized both at home and abroad, Comrade MAO Zedong attached great importance to and was good at strategic thinking in leading the historical course of China’s revolution and construction.His works, such as Strategic Issues in China’s Revolutionary War, Strategic Issues in Guerrilla War against Japan, On Protracted War, War and Strategic Issues, and the Strategic Policy for the Second Year of the War of Liberation, have demonstrated his great thought of strategic decision-making.Open the party’s one hundred years of history, we see in creating the anti-japanese national united front, chongqing negotiations, three big battle command, the Korean, shelling the golden gate, “rocket”, divide three world’s major strategic issues, such as comrade MAO zedong is good at from the overall and long-term, judgement and dealing with problems, accurately grasp the situation at home and abroad,We have made great strategic and forward-looking decisions with extraordinary wisdom, properly responded to complex situations at critical moments, and led China’s revolution and development to new victories.As the chief designer of China’s reform and opening up comrade Deng Xiaoping is also a great strategist, he put forward and implemented a series of extraordinary strategic measures.Starting from China’s reality, Comrade Deng Xiaoping thought deeply about the goals and steps of China’s modernization and put forward the “three-step” development strategy.On the region economy development question, will first after the development of comrade deng xiaoping summarized as the problem of the strategic thought of “two overall situation”, namely “coastal areas to speed up the opening to the outside world and make the vast area with a population of two hundred million rapidly developed first, thus driving the development of the mainland better, this is a problem about the big picture.The mainland should bear in mind the overall situation.In turn, when China’s development has reached a certain level, the coastal areas will be required to contribute more to help the inland areas develop.At that time the coastal areas will also be subject to this general situation.”Under the guidance of the “two overall interests” strategic thought, China has made remarkable achievements in reform and opening up, and China has made great strides to catch up with The Times.Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized strategic thinking when outlining international and domestic trends and drawing up blueprints for reform and development.”Leading officials should bear in mind the overall strategic situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and major changes unseen in the world in a century. This is the basic starting point for our planning work,” he said.Given the complex international environment and the coexistence of opportunities and challenges, the road ahead is full of risks and challenges.Facing the uncertain international situation, China must take the initiative in the fierce competition every step of the way without strategic thinking.At the same time, if we want to successfully complete the 14th Five-Year Plan and achieve the goal of building China into a great modern socialist country in all respects, we still have a series of major issues that require overall consideration and long-term planning.This requires leading cadres at all levels must, in time of peace prepare for war, good at understanding and judgment from the strategic situation, observe and deal with problems, rational look at the face of challenges and difficulties, especially for long-term and complexity of various unfavorable factors should be accurately, fully estimated and strategic patience, to plan the work done is reasonable, scientific,Do a good job in dealing with the long-term complex struggle of ideological preparation and work preparation, firmly grasp the initiative of the work, so as to remain invincible.Improving the ability of strategic thinking is the basic skill of leading cadres in the new era. It is the basic requirement of General Secretary Xi Jinping for party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, to improve their leadership ability. It is also an inevitable requirement for the internal quality of leading cadres as socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era.Strategic thinking ability is an important aspect of leading cadres’ quality and ability, as well as the soul of leading cadres’ governance ability, which affects and restricts their leading behavior, leading style and leading performance.The strategic thinking of leading cadres is a scientific thinking that focuses on the overall situation and long-term observation, thinking and dealing with problems, and is the standpoint, viewpoint and method of analyzing and solving macroscopic, forward-looking, fundamental and other major problems.As a leading cadres, regardless of seniority, in charge of the area size, has its own strategic issues facing the need to be solved, so be sure to strategists with mind, commanding the whole situation seize the strategic opportunity in time, to properly deal with complicated situation, overall, long-term and fundamental problems, grasping the development direction, to predict the future development trend,Ensure that strategic decisions are scientific, forward-looking and effective.Socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era, we will fully built up socialist modernization power, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation grand goal, must be in the economic, political, cultural, social, ecological, diplomacy, national defense and the party’s construction, and other fields, in relation to reform, development and stability in a series about the global, long-term, fundamental of major issues,It is urgent for us to think, study and co-ordinate strategically.Therefore, leading cadres should regard improving strategic thinking ability as a major task, and better shoulder the new mission and task.As leading cadres at all levels, only with high strategic thinking ability, can correctly deal with strategic objectives, strategic key issues, can win initiative and achieve great cause in the complex and severe situation at home and abroad.General Secretary Xi Jinping has profoundly pointed out that “strategic issues are fundamental to a party and a country.With accurate strategic judgment, scientific strategic planning and strategic initiative, there is great hope for the cause of the Party and the people.”Strategic thinking is a basic quality and ability that leading cadres must possess.It is very important for leading cadres to attach importance to and be good at strategic thinking.In the new era and on a new journey, leading officials at all levels must enhance their ability of strategic thinking in order to make their leadership work more scientific, proactive, forward-looking and creative.In the final analysis, strategic thinking ability is a kind of theoretical thinking ability.Therefore, it is necessary to improve the theoretical quality and information reserve, which are the basic elements to constitute and improve the strategic thinking ability of leading cadres.The key to learn marxist philosophy well and the theoretical results of Sinicization of Marxism is to learn the basic skills of Marxist theory well.Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era represents Marxism in contemporary China, Marxism in the 21st century, and the essence of the Chinese culture and spirit of The Times. It represents a new leap forward in adapting Marxism to The Chinese context.To study xi Jinping’s important discussion on strategic thinking, leading officials at all levels must attach importance to using strategic thinking to plan overall problems and analyze and grasp problems from the historical dimension and long-term perspective.At the same time, the core of improving strategic thinking ability lies in the integration of learning and practice.On the one hand, we should consciously develop the habit of reading widely and strive to learn history, management knowledge and modern science and technology.Must consciously in the leadership work, on the other hand, using the scientific world outlook and methodology of marxist philosophy, mind the big picture and grasp the trend, with a view to events, in training, exercise and enhance strategic thinking ability, this request in the thought that the question, do things, especially in the thinking and deal with some of the major global problem,To actively adapt to the new changes in international domestic situation, from the period, the overall consideration on big frame, balanced and correctly handle the dialectical relationship between global and local, pay attention to improve in grasping the global strategic thinking, be good at strategically observation, to analyze and solve problems, to accelerate modernization management system and management ability,The cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics continued to make steady progress.Author: Wang Suoming School of Marxism, Nanjing University