Man elevator encounter beauty boss, was forced to draw cake, but eventually education boss good efforts

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Entrepreneurship is difficult and many battles!Lack of money and talent is the norm for any startup.Lack of money is good, shrink clothing tight food, a top can also be in the past, and the lack of people is taboo, after all, no one to implement a good plan, is a piece of paper.Therefore, in order to retain talent, many startup bosses give employees “drawing cake” all the time, commonly known as “beating chicken blood”.A woman boss in Beijing has had a hilarious ending after seizing the opportunity to draw pancakes for her staff.The story is that a man took an elevator after work and happened to meet a female boss.She was a slim woman in a blue one-piece jean suit, with close-ear, slightly wavy hair.Although she is wearing a mask, her profile looks delicate.If I took off the mask, I’d be a pretty girl.Female boss is very gentle, ask: “I help you press a layer?”The female boss was very emotionally intelligent. She thought her employees didn’t have a car, so it was very considerate of her to ask them if they should press to the first floor.The man seconds understand, immediately back way: “no, I also drive.”Female boss suspended in the first floor button of the hand stopped, a little embarrassed, so softly “oh” 1, just slowly put down the hand.They soon arrive at the underground parking lot, where the woman breaks the ice by asking: “Which way is the car?”The man replied, “Put it in front.””What kind of car do you drive?The female boss didn’t see her employee’s car was not willing to, she wanted to know what kind of car the staff at home drive, with their own car “pressure” employee head, so she asked more.The man replied, “I drive an Audi.”The female boss saw her employee did not say which audi, still thought the man just drove an entry-level Audi, embarrassed to say.So happily drawing cake: “I tell you, our start-up company, although now our capital is small, the future development prospects are particularly good, you do it well!”At this point, the two have arrived at a stretched BMW 3 Series, the female boss added: “Try to drive a BMW.”It turned out that the car belonged to the lady boss.Did not expect the female boss young, even on the starting price as high as 300 thousand BMW, really is rare for years.Also have to say, the female boss is really very bad, from the elevator down just a few minutes time, let her think of such a good “painting cake” case.Although it is a simple few words, but it is very inspiring, so that employees give birth to great motivation for BMW efforts.Never thought, accident appeared.Instead of saying anything, the man pressed his car key.See boss opposite a black Audi car bright light, boss see, voice big a few minutes: “your car?””Yes.”The man back.”A8?”The woman turned her head and looked closely at the car, her voice rising a few degrees.”You’ll have to work hard.”The man tells the boss that his car is A8.You should know that the starting price of A8 is as high as more than 800,000 yuan!Instead of arguing back, she nodded her head seriously, which was very cute and hilarious.Obviously, this very perfect picture cake or ended in failure, the female boss never thought that their employees drive better than their own cars, or better than a little bit, is a crushing existence.Of course, the most surprising is the female boss “nod”, the female boss is very sober, can drive more than 800 thousand car people, value is certainly not general, so very simply recognize planted.Of course, just because she failed with her pie drawing doesn’t mean she’s incompetent.First of all, from her short time can think of such a “routine” cake drawing lines, it can be seen that she reacted quickly, but also studied how to do a good job in management, if the man did not follow the common sense, this cake drawing must be a successful cake drawing;Secondly, a female boss can run a company in Beijing at a young age and drive a luxury car. These conditions are much stronger than most people. Over time, she may grow into a strong woman.In fact, cake drawing is not a bad thing, the boss has the ability, cake drawing is good, employees also have motivation, if the goal is reached, the boss can fulfill the promise, I think the company will be thriving.Of course, if the boss can only draw cake, but never to cash, then, sooner or later, the public will be scattered, the company naturally can not go on.Speaking of which, does your boss draw pies for you?