Sharp survey | life member lasted four years?Suspected “Thunder run” in One-Man University

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Article/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Xu Zhangchao map/interviewees provided recently, well-known training institutions wanmen University suspected “thunder” caused concern.According to an interview with Yangcheng Evening News, customers who purchased the lifetime VIP membership service of Man Man University have been removed from their wechat groups, and the company’s mobile apps and official website have been unavailable. Tong Zhe, the founder of the company, has been lost, and The Haidian Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau has been involved in an investigation.Can the knowledge-paying industry, which sells lifetime membership products under the banner of lifelong education, be trusted?22 at 6 am, a junior student in a university in Guangzhou, Wei, was removed from the wechat group chat by the “Wanmen University lifelong VIP group” small assistant, without any announcement and notice.On the same day, Chen, a primary school computer teacher in Shenzhen, found himself removed from the 3,600-hour scholarship group.Many consumers like Wei and Chen bought a lifetime VIP scholarship class launched by One-Man University in October 2021.According to public information, “Wanmen VIP” includes two kinds of one-year and lifetime, the price of one-year VIP is 6,498 yuan, and the price of lifetime VIP is 21,999 yuan.In 2021, in the name of the ninth anniversary, the “Upgrade Scholarship Class” will be launched, and you can get cash back after you pay to join the program and the learning duration reaches 3,600 yuan. The registration fee for non-VIP students is 19,999 yuan, and 19,999 yuan will be paid back after you reach the program.Lifetime VIP students, the registration fee is 9999 yuan, after the completion of the cash tuition 9999 yuan, in addition to refund the previous lifetime VIP tuition.”I passed the Cet-4 and CET-6 courses in One-Man University.My classmates borrowed my account and passed the teaching certificate.29, a college student who tells yangcheng evening news reporter, she is Internet search in 2017 Japanese university course materials come into contact with all the door, had saved $fifteen thousand by 2019, before the door of Tmall education flagship store bought a lifelong VIP, with flowers in December 2021, bai spent 9899 yuan to buy the new class scholarship, afraid of family know also didn’t call the police.”The price is not low for children in the family to go to high road and learn and think online courses.”Shenzhen primary school teacher Chen said to reporters, initially in the network to collect computer information, but the network information is uneven, knowledge is not systematic, after the trial of ten thousand university courses, before buying lifelong VIP service.In October 2021, after the customer service of Wanmen University, XiaoWanjun marketing, considering the help of primary and middle school video courses for children, Chen paid nearly ten thousand yuan of scholarship class registration fee to join the learning challenge activities.Both Chen and Wei said they were unable to log in to the university’s mobile app and official website after being abruptly removed from the wechat group.According to the information pushed by Xiao Wanjun, a customer service member of Wanmen University, 27,300 colleges have joined lifetime VIP in March 2021, and the amount involved is as high as 600 million yuan.At present, ten thousand men university founder Tong Zhe has been in the lost state, questioned by consumers roll money run away.Calls to One-Man University’s Beijing headquarters were not returned by press time.”Run away with the money” was planned?A large number of university users in the network set up a rights group, and through the police, black cat complaints and other channels to try to protect their rights.The reporter learned from some consumers that The Haidian Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau has placed a criminal case against the company on suspicion of illegally absorbing public deposits and issued a help order. Recently, some lifelong VIP users have received calls from police in their domiciles.According to statistics, there were 5,892 search results related to Wanmen on the black Cat complaint website, most of which were related to the running away of Wanmen university institutions, scholarship classes, membership refund and other contents, and the number of several rights groups had exceeded 1,000 people.According to public information, Wanmen University has more than 13 million registered users and more than 1,700 courses.How did One-Man University, which once boasted of lowering the threshold of education and was committed to achieving equality in education, fall into the predicament now?29, Yangcheng Evening News reporter contacted the former head of the Wuhan branch of Wanmen University, Ms. Chu.According to Chu, Tong started his business in 2014 after receiving a $2 million investment from He began to record elementary, middle and high school courses for commercialization in 2016.”At the beginning, the sales of the courses were not good. Someone in the company proposed to sell the courses as a package. After the sales were good, we started to move here.””Ms. Chu said.”One-man University also recorded a number of courses in smaller languages, such as biblical Hebrew, but they were removed without much feedback from the market.”Ms. Chu told reporters that she chose to resign in 2020 because of some ideas with Tong Zhe.”It must have been planned for a long time, starting with the scholarship program last year. Sensitive people can smell something unusual. Now the hope of paying the compensation may be a bit slim.””Ms. Chu said.In addition, according to media investigation reports, Wan Men University founder Tong Zhe often in the work of a large group of employees to raise funds to buy a house, mainly through two ways, one is to let employees hold the property, Tong Zhe one-time payment of holding costs, one is to let employees subscribe to the number of square meters of the new house he bought, after selling the price for dividends.It is not clear how many employees are involved.Xie Junrong, a lawyer at Beijing Dacheng (Guangzhou) Law Firm, said the local public security bureau in Beijing should investigate the case, but victims in other parts of the country can report the case to the local police and transfer the materials, while efforts to recover the victim’s losses, such as recovering the stolen money, have to wait until the suspect is arrested.’The risk of paying by the time, by the month, by the quarter and by the year is gradually climbing,’ Mr. Xie said. ‘Consumers themselves should be more vigilant about companies that advertise lifetime service.’What’s wrong with pay-for-knowledge?Experts said that support power is still in recent days, “knowledge pay a brother” Beijing Thinking creation information Technology Co., Ltd. disclosed the sixth edition of the GEM IPO prospectus, once again enter the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.2016 is known as “the first year of paying for knowledge”. As one of the representatives of paying for knowledge, One-Man University launched the mode of charging for content by introducing live courses and special training courses in 2016, and introduced lifetime VIP membership fees in 2018. This time, one-man University group deletion incident also put “paying for knowledge” at the forefront of the debate.The reporter found in the interview process, some consumers are trying to restore wanmen VIP lifelong membership group, and through resource sharing and other ways to back up wanmen university course video;Some consumers are frustrated with the refund, and hope to restore the website and software to continue learning some courses.Since 2015, the number of paying users in China has increased from 48 million to 418 million in 2020 and 477 million in 2021, according to iMedia Research.What is the future of the pay-for-knowledge market?Zhang Yi, CEO and chief analyst of IMedia Consulting, said in an interview with Yangcheng Evening News that there are some problems in the current knowledge payment industry, such as anxiety over selling, exaggerated effects, excessive marketing and confusion in the charging model. In recent years, many knowledge payment institutions have had some problems.But consumers’ demand for paid knowledge and paid information is partly driving the industry’s growth.”Consumers’ willingness to pay for knowledge is the main reason for the rise of the whole pay-for-knowledge industry. With the development of the mobile Internet, the pay-for-knowledge transaction has been realized.”Zhang Yi said that the previous involvement of capital in the field of knowledge payment has further boosted the boom of the whole industry, but the weakening of capital support and the name of payment of all kinds of good and bad products, making the knowledge payment seems a little “ebb tide” in recent years.Zhang yi said, as the society into more and more niche, on the one hand, professionals such as the thirst for knowledge, will not weaken, university education to get a lot of knowledge is more need further deepening, the depth of the free products to provide and professional degrees must be limited, can only meet the requirements of entry level, on the one hand, users and extract useful information from vast amounts of information needs.Demand for paid knowledge is bound to continue to drive growth in the sector, he says.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Sun Qiman