As the saying goes, “a family has three lucky stars and a rich and prosperous family.” what does that mean?What do three lucky stars refer to

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Common sayings are widely spread among people and involve in all aspects of our daily life.The common sayings are mostly derived from ancient books, poems and the experience summed up by the working people through observation of some things, and spread to the folk through oral form.Let’s look at the meaning of the saying “three lucky stars make a family prosperous”.What do three lucky stars refer to?As we all know, home is the place where we live and live, so it is very important to see the direction of the front door of the building and the courtyard.In rural areas, people are influenced by their traditional feng shui. Most people believe that a family’s wealth, poverty, luck, misfortune and fortune are directly related to the feng shui of the family. This saying means the location of the gate, kitchen and housing of a home.Through the ages, people “fu, lu, longevity” as the three lucky stars, and in the feng shui of a family residence, “fu” represents the blessed land, as the saying goes: food is the most important thing for people, housing refers to the kitchen;”Lu” represents wealth, people often say that wealth from the door into the home, refers to the door in the residence;”Shou” represents health and longevity, and refers to housing in residential areas.The saying “there are three lucky stars in a family, and people are prosperous and prosperous” means that the kitchen, house and door of a family should occupy the position of three lucky stars, so that a family can be prosperous and their children will be prosperous.So, which position is the three lucky stars in the house?That is to say, how can the kitchen, housing and gate occupy the position of three lucky stars?According to the yin-yang eight diagrams theory, the door of a home is like a person’s mouth and throat;The house of a family is like the body of a man;The kitchen of a home is like the food that people eat.Therefore, the door, housing, kitchen stove these three to cooperate with each other, in the construction of the location of the lucky star, with three lucky star, home will be rich and prosperous.Geomantic academic language, in the eight directions of the earthquake, xun, kan, from the east four houses, that is to say, any one of the four directions is the location of the other three lucky stars.Dry, kun, gen, and converted to the west four houses, the same reason any of the four directions are the location of the other three stars.Accordingly, these 3 persons of door, housing, kitchen stove cannot be separated, so east 4 curtilage must want to be in shock, xun, kan, in leaving this 4 places;If so, xi Si zhai must be in the dry, kun, gen, against this quartet.Such a home will be smooth and prosperous.Maybe some friends for the eight diagrams and eight directions of the corresponding relationship is not very understanding, here let’s simply introduce: eight directions of the corresponding relationship, that is, north (Kan), south (from), west (against), east (earthquake), northwest (dry), northeast (gen), southeast (xun), southwest (Kun).According to the meaning of Yin Yang and the five elements, the north belongs to water, the south belongs to fire, the west belongs to gold, and the east belongs to wood.Wood fires, fire gives birth to earth, earth gives birth to gold, gold gives birth to water, aquatic wood, this is mutually living.Pyrogram gold, pyrogram wood, pyrogram earth, pyrogram water, hydrogram fire, this is phase gram.The five elements of shengke cycle with each other, complement each other, in order to balance, in order to create a good aura.Say so, on the construction of the kitchen of a house, housing, gate should be in the east 4 curtilage at the same time or in the west 4 curtilage, cannot derangement find a place for.Perhaps some friends will say, the gate in which direction is good?There is no regulation on this, as the so-called “change leads to success”.It doesn’t matter which direction the door is facing, but no matter which direction the door is facing, the house, the stove, as long as they occupy the position of the lucky star in the same home, there will be no confusion.That is to say, if the courtyard belongs to the east four curtilage, for example, the gate is due to open east, housing, kitchen must be placed in the “xun, Kan, from” this tripartite, because it belongs to the gate of the three lucky stars.For example, if the gate is open due west, it belongs to the West four houses, and the location of housing and kitchen must be in the “dry, kun, gen”, because it belongs to the three lucky stars of the gate.This namely geomantic study goes up to say “8 door cover 9 star”, “the door walks star to move” namely this truth.People generally thinks, such pattern builds a good aura in the home, be helpful for health, go against otherwise health.Review the house of rural majority family, also be the pattern that we say above mostly really.”The home has 3 auspicious star, rich and prosperous person ding” this common saying, also cannot say it is superstition completely, a home gate, housing, kitchen is important place really, but geomantic doctrine also is letter has, do not believe the thing that does not have, actually also did not have necessary go beyond the mark to apply.A home should have clean sanitation to have a reasonable layout only, want feeling mood to go smoothly only.Want to know, the person is a home best geomantic, the mood is joyful smooth is the first.On the contrary, if the door, housing, kitchen stoves are accounted for in the position of the lucky star, and the home is not particular about, often dirty and messy, the environment is not sanitary, itself does not have a good aura, the mood will not be good to which go.This saying tells us that a home in the construction, housing, kitchen, door to have a reasonable layout, but also tells us that we must pay attention to health, in order to have a healthy body, a healthy body, harmony, home will naturally rich and prosperous people.