Chen Bing: Mainland support forces have arrived in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is also taking active actions

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CCTV News: The second batch of medical workers from the Mainland arrived in Hong Kong today. The daily number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong is still high. What is your view on the current situation of fighting the epidemic in Hong Kong?What help will the mainland’s assistance bring?Special correspondent Old ice: Hong Kong outbreak is still grim, confirmed cases and preliminary confirmed cases is high and medical resources are still scarce, but the strength of the resistance to disease is mainland support Hong Kong port, Hong Kong SAR government and social groups were also in action, shenzhen and other parties in guangdong province in the aspect of ensuring that towards the disease resistant materials and articles for daily use have more action.From the current situation, both the Mainland and Hong Kong are fully committed to fighting the epidemic and taking concrete actions with the belief that life comes first. Just as the Hong Kong song calls, “Reaching out to each other for help;With your heart;Get rid of the pain and suffering, and help together.”This song, which was the theme song of Hong Kong artists who mobilized social donations during the flood in East China in 1991, seems to be the action of mainland companies and social groups.Today, Guangdong province sent more than 100 medical workers to Hong Kong to help fight the epidemic. In addition to donations of supplies, some enterprises have been very warm to provide some services. For example, a state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou has donated 2,500 smart phones to Hong Kong elderly people, so that they can not only travel safely, but also record their trips and fill up loopholes in the epidemic prevention.The mainland and Hong Kong, a total of epidemic disease resistance battle, no slogans, without the ceremony of the program, are all dry, is full of action, all efforts require quick start, fast, fast response, the Hong Kong council of social action on plague action in consultation with the launch of the 16, all is the truth, it’s all about how to safeguard Hong Kong epidemic prevention and living supplies,How to ensure the safety of water supply and oil supply, how to improve detection capacity, how to ensure that food and daily necessities do not increase in price and so on.The mainland’s support for Hong Kong’s fight against the virus is accelerating, and I am sure it will work.Direct News: There have been some comments on the Internet about supporting Hong Kong’s fight against the epidemic, saying that Hong Kong is so rich that it still needs support from the mainland. How do you respond to these comments?First, Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong, and The Chinese people have a humanitarian spirit to help one side when it is in trouble. Moreover, Hong Kong people are our compatriots. There are also low-income people in Hong Kong, who need help from the mainland.Second, The war in Hong Kong is a part of China’s war against the epidemic. Some netizens changed the song to defend Hong Kong, Defend South China and defend the whole Of China, which I think is quite appropriate.If Hong Kong fails to defeat Omicron, it will breach the defense line in the Greater Bay Area and affect the epidemic prevention and control situation across the country.In other words, the epidemic in Hong Kong will affect all of us, not to mention the impact of Hong Kong on the Chinese economy.Remember, 60 to 70 per cent of foreign investment in Mainland China comes from Hong Kong.Third, we would like to express our gratitude to the Hong Kong people for their assistance and donations to help the Mainland recover from the disasters as soon as possible.I want to stress that since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, every disaster on the mainland has been dealt a helping hand by the Hong Kong people.Let me tell you a few examples. In 1991, when east China was hit by floods, 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions were affected. In just 10 days, the Hong Kong people raised more than 470 million Hong Kong dollars for disaster relief, as well as a lot of relief materials.When floods hit the Yangtze River in 1998, Hong Kong received 680 million yuan in donations, ranking first in the world.During the SARS outbreak in 2003, Hong Kong scientists and their mainland counterparts worked together to make outstanding contributions to the pathogenesis, epidemic prevention and control, and treatment drugs, speeding up the anti-SARS process.Hong Kong was also the first to donate to the 2008 snow disaster and wenchuan earthquake and the 2021 henan flood, donating several hundred million RMB in just a few days.I remember clearly that less than 10 hours after the wenchuan earthquake, the first medical team from Hong Kong was sent to Sichuan.Within 24 hours, the Government’s search and rescue team and the Hong Kong Flying Service were deployed.I don’t think anyone in the Mainland will ever forget that After the Wenchuan earthquake, Hong Kong continued to assist post-disaster construction for eight years, completing 190 projects involving nearly 20 billion yuan and benefiting more than 26 million people.By the way, after the outbreak of COVID-19, Hong Kong donated more than 1 billion RMB to the mainland in 2020, as well as a large amount of anti-epidemic materials.We are a family. It is natural for us to hold each other’s hand in the event of disaster.Direct News: With the Beijing Winter Olympics safely underway, western media seems to be reassessing China’s epidemic prevention policy. What do you think?Chen Bing, Guest Commentator: The Beijing Winter Olympics has taught the world the effectiveness of China’s epidemic prevention policy with tangible examples. People have gained a new understanding of the “dynamic zero elimination”.I remember that before the Winter Olympics, quite a few overseas media believed that bringing in more than 15,000 people from all over the world was a “big gamble” for China’s epidemic prevention and control, and that the Olympics might throw away China’s previous efforts in epidemic control.With the Winter Olympics more than half over, China’s “dynamic zeroing” is proving effective.The most important thing is the mutual trust between the people and the government.This is precisely what so-called democratic countries such as the United States and the West cannot do.Some American scholars pointed out that the biggest threat to western democracy is that the people do not believe in the government, and it is the dead-end confrontation between political parties.From an economic point of view, some Western media, such as the Wall Street Journal, also argue that although the zero-out policy has cost, China has achieved a low death rate and as few economic disruptions as possible.This is what every country was after two years ago, only China achieved.Every country’s epidemic prevention policy is based on its own social foundation and medical treatment. The Chinese government’s approach to governance and social management is unique, and it can achieve “dynamic zero elimination”.Other countries cannot do so without such conditions, but it is wrong for them to slander and smear China’s epidemic prevention policy.Of course, this does not mean that overseas countries, especially western countries, will not criticize and distort China’s epidemic prevention policy. For political purposes, they will continue to make irresponsible remarks on China’s epidemic prevention policy and willfully link the epidemic prevention measures with the so-called human rights and freedom.It is good that they have a better understanding of China, but don’t expect them to see everything objectively and fairly.Chen Bing is a special commentator of Shenzhen TV’s Live Broadcast of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan