Minqin: Agricultural technicians are confident in opening “good prescriptions” to increase income and get rich

2022-06-16 0 By

Gansu Daily reporter Jin Fenggan correspondent Liang Xia February 5, Minqin County ushered in the first snowfall after the start of spring, the temperature drop is larger.In view of the situation that low-temperature weather is easy to cause greenhouse crops to be frozen, the agricultural technology center of Minqin County organized agricultural technicians to go to the villages and popularize cold and frost resistance technology to farmers face to face and hand to hand, helping them cope with adverse weather scientifically.Minqin County double cke town three jie Xi village six farmers Yang Fujia ginseng fruit greenhouses, a vibrant scene, a big full of ginseng fruit growing gratifying.Is wiping the buds of Yang Rich to see Minqin County agricultural technology center senior agronomist Gao Yanhong into the greenhouse, he immediately stopped living to welcome up.”Master Yang, I see your roof snow clearing very timely ah, which is very important for the greenhouse insulation.”Gao Yanhong said, while carefully looking at the growth of ginseng fruit, patiently and carefully for Yang Rich to answer questions, but also detailed how to do a good job in low temperature weather greenhouse temperature, humidity regulation, to ensure the normal growth of fruit and vegetable crops.Gao Yanhong spoke carefully, Yang Fu listened carefully.”To tell the truth, suddenly encountered this kind of cooling snow weather, my greenhouse management experience is not very sufficient, is worried about the growth of ginseng fruit will be affected, listen to the technical staff’s explanation, my heart finally put down.”Yang Fufu said.”For snow low temperature weather, we timely guide farmers to clean the shed area snow, through the evening covered with old shed film, rear wall hanging reflective curtain, between the lines covered with straw, clean shed film, spray cold agent and leaf fertilizer, timely uncovered insulation measures to improve the temperature in the shed, reduce the harm caused by snow low temperature weather on the greenhouse.”Gao Yanhong introduced.Minqin county in recent years, constantly adjust agricultural structure, vigorously develop efficient agriculture mainly greenhouse cultivation characteristics, power industries, greenhouse vegetables has become a local people’s income to become rich “treasure tent”, many villagers and Yang as rich, through the development of greenhouse industry, take the purse, live a good day.”Agricultural technical personnel come to our ‘travel’, explain the cold and freezing technology, and also introduced to us the solar greenhouse pest control methods.”Yang Rich said, with the careful guidance of agricultural technicians, their family full of confidence, hope this year’s ginseng fruit can sell at a good price, have a good income.