The girl was sexually abused more than 200 times from the age of nine after her parents had an affair with the offender, which was filmed in a documentary

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Today’s story, with a plot so absurd that it would ruin a normal person’s sense of decency, is a true story that has only come to light since it was remade into a documentary called “Open Abduction”.”Open Abduction” tells the story of a nine-year-old girl, Jane, who lives with her parents and siblings near pocatello, Edward.As a child, Jane grew up in a loving and warm environment. Her warm, cheerful and lively personality made her loved by her parents and neighbors.Until one day in June 1974, a man named Berthold shows up and completely upsets the peaceful life of Jane’s family.Since then, Jane’s life, but also fell into the endless nightmare.A married man, intruding into the private life of a nine-year-old girl back in the 1970s, people had a very simple way of life, and they were very simple and kind.The occlusion of information has fostered the character of defenseless and feudal cowardice.To some extent, this is also part of the cause of the Jane family tragedy.And behind this, in the end happened what unimaginable things?What kind of inhuman treatment was done to the lovely Jane?Everything, everything, it’s all about Bertold.Berthold was a handsome, funny married man with a loving wife and five children around Jane’s age.After moving from a faraway place, the Bertolds became Jane’s neighbors.One way or another, Berthold got to know Jane’s parents and was invited to their home, which Berthold gladly accepted.From then on, the two families were in constant contact, and Bertold, in particular, was eager, by word and deed, to be part of Jane’s family life.On each visit, Berthold would bring beautiful gifts to share with Jane and her siblings.During this time, Berthold gave Jane his full attention and gave her extra care and affection.From the beginning, Jane’s warm and cheerful personality attracted Bertold’s attention.Berthold also spent time alone with Jane whenever he could, taking pictures alone, buying new clothes for Jane alone, and giving Jane everything she wanted.At the age of nine, Jane didn’t understand all this fuss. She was happy that someone liked and loved her.Under Bertold’s guidance, Jane and he began a further step of holding hands, hugging, kissing.Bertold even gave Jane a pet name, “doll.”To begin with, although Jane’s parents perceive the bhutto’s “excessive” enthusiasm, especially to Jane, but there is no doubt too much, even in the bhutto, that the youth was forced to intercourse with aunt in the home, by trauma, Jane can be notarized and beto fair and square, alone, and looking forward to this good cure for this man’s heart.At this point, Jane’s parents because of ignorance, let Berthold crazy implementation of his next plan.Jane’s life has been controlled by a man with a serious “paedophile” for nine years.Berthold directed and played the “alien abduction” and asked 12-year-old Jane to excuse him in court. Berthold would give Jane a few candies whenever they met in the future. He told Jane that they were “vitamins” and she could enjoy them.Little imagine, at present “vitamin”, actually it is sleeping pill.As a result, Jane, who often played well, would begin to fall asleep suddenly at every turn. When she fell asleep, she did not know.Jane would almost always wake up to see Berthold by her side.Sometimes, Jane would wake up to see her pants down to her knees, and sometimes a naked Bertold would appear in front of her.However, Jane did not understand anything, and her mind began to drift more and more.Even to the man who is doing too much, he has been treated as a “second father.”From this point on, berthold, spiritually satisfied, became more and more frantic over Jane’s control of her mind and body.At one point, Berthold escaped to Mexico in a drive-by “kidnapping” of Jane, who had just turned 12.During this time, Berthold concocted a string of lies.He left it alone in a corner and set up a walkie-talkie and surveillance equipment in advance.Soon After, Jane wakes up and receives a message on the intercom: The caller claims that she is an alien and that Jane is not a human child, but the child of a mother and an alien.Before the age of 16, you must marry and have children with a man named Bertold, or it will bring disaster to the whole family.After listening to the alien’s instructions, Jane, who already suffers from Stockholm Syndrome (in which the victim does not hate the assailant, but has positive feelings towards him, and even defends the assailant and does evil with him), is convinced and agrees repeatedly.In this way, Jane disappeared for five days.Waiting anxiously at home, Jane’s parents realised something was wrong and went to the local police to call them.After days of searching the countryside, police found Jane and arrested Berthold at the scene.The police were prepared to charge Bertold, but because Jane had suffered no physical harm and Jane had protected and excused him, the court let him go.Bertolde and Jane’s parents have relations, gradually exposed serious “paedophilia” through this time, Bertolde also know a point: if you want to continue to “love” Jane in the future, must even her parents down.Soon, Berthold began to implement the second step of his plan.Once, he went to Jane’s house alone on the pretext of bringing sandwiches for her mother.There was no one at home that day but Jane’s mother.Bertold, knowing this was a rare opportunity, began using provocative language and slowly made tentative physical advances toward Jane’s mother.Finally, unable to resist Bertold’s strong offensive, Jane’s mother fell and had sex with him.During this period, the two met again alone for 11 times, secretly maintaining a shady “ambiguous” relationship.We took care of Jane’s mother, and now we just have Jane’s father.In the course of daily contact, the thoughtful Berthold, found Jane’s father has homosexual tendencies.So, taking advantage of this, he began to “seduce” Jane’s father unscrupulously.On an outing, Berthold gets a chance to meet Jane’s father alone.During their conversation, Berthold bluntly states that he is lonely and wants Jane’s father to help him “relax.”So, after three or two verbal and eye hints, Jane’s father “out of line”.After that, it was grotesque and sickening that Jane’s parents kept each other’s extraordinary secret.The more this happens, the more excited Bertold becomes, the more he intensifies his mental control over Jane.Until her sixteenth birthday, Jane was terrified that the prophecy would come true.However, nothing happened and the family is safe.At this time, Jane suddenly woke up and saw through the man’s tricks and schemes.In an attempt to crush Bertold, Jane told her parents all about her years of mental persecution and up to 200 sexual assaults.I thought my parents would help me, but they chose silence for their own dignity.So Jane had to endure nine years of mental torture alone.In the end, Berthold was arrested for another child sex abuse case and sentenced to 20 years in prison.Before going to prison, Berthold took his own life of crime by committing suicide.Later, in order to let more people understand “pedophilia” and related cases, has come out of the Jane family with the help of psychological therapy, finally decided to write a book before the encounter, public.The 2017 documentary “Blatant Abduction” was based on the book.Now, the memory of the victim in the past can not be completely erased, the harm brought behind the event, also still can not be forgiven without the bottom line.And what this society should do is to bow down again and again to check, to avoid once again because of “pedophile” to innocent people to bring endless mutilation.Text | Yang Qing picture | Web editor | anecdotes