Why would Harden play when his teammates don’t?So Harden is the cancer on the Nets?

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Why would Harden play when his teammates don’t?So Harden is the cancer on the Nets?To tell the truth, harden has very big problems, first is right state, attack has been won’t open, the second is defense, not defense, defensive attitude, there is a big problem, the last is error, the final chase points link, as a matter of star players, you can’t score to count on his teammates score is the problem, most important, Nash’s problem,Coach bolt dogs are better than Steve Nash, rotation, defensive zone was for not meeting, had one game, 6 make and Johnson, the manager will have a lot of responsibility, dare not and referees, there was an obvious problem, foreign if is bobo or rivers, direct protest, see harden, dare not to harden win?Players can’t be hot every single day. Coaches can’t even make a substitution when they’re not playing well. You don’t have to be a coach.The same thing happened last year, when he struggled with an injury and finished second in the eastern Conference.A chorus of oaths fell.I can’t get hurt this year. I can’t get hurt this year. I can’t get hurt this year.Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash.As long as they try their best, it is a pity that they can not get it, but it is not worth living to be the last place in history.Of course Harden wants to win. All he needs is a championship.He’s done as much as a basketball player can in a lifetime (the history books are there) and certainly wants a complete one with no regrets.But basketball is not a one-man game. You have to meet the right teammates at the right time.Like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, including Dennis Rodman.And Steph Curry, if he was in a team other than the Warriors’ system, it’s hard to say.An achievement is not guaranteed by hard work. It is indispensable to be in the right place at the right time.Why did Harden say he was open to leaving the Nets the other day?Just frustrated, knowing there’s no hope, and sending a message to any team that wants him.As soon as one has the heart to leave, he can no longer fight.He nearly broke his legs last year, and what did he end up with?There was a chorus of abuse.It’s the same story as last year: With Durant out, Kyrie missing every game, and if anyone needs to come out, it’s Harden.Last year was just to the heart, now he still have that heart?If it’s Actually Spelled Cousins, where’s the end?…Irving recently reiterated that he won’t get a shot, so the Nets won’t re-sign him, and the big three are counting down the days.In that case, what are we waiting for?What reason did he have to work so hard?Building a team around Harden is past his prime. It’s not realistic. If you change a team, the only way to win a championship is if the head coach gives him the core position and his teammates are willing to do the dirty work.Harden now run up there are young people, is a veteran and no defensive intensity, at the very least, can still have a Owen KD to engines, unless it is not going to a championship, directly to the data to money, want to get stuck rookie on rational analysis, all the refereeing decisions scale down each team to response, the nets too soft, from the manager to the player,Not a brave tough player, a regular season, lost lost, the key is no blood, how to play in the playoffs?Is the penalty scale different, the playoffs do not play?The referee on the pitch is invisible, not human, can only say bad luck, or the referee’s own preferences, he can completely hide past, but for him, there is no need