Wu Dajing rush gold medal!China 3 people promotion, People’s Daily excited voice, Ren Ziwei shoes steal the spotlight

2022-06-16 0 By

Chinese men’s and women’s teams competed in the short track speed skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 11.Before the game, People’s Daily also cheer for the Chinese team.Qu Chunyu, Zhang Chutong and Han Yutong of the Chinese women’s short track speed skating team were eliminated in the quarter-final of the 1,000m. Qu Chunyu, the Olympic champion, missed the final, which was also a surprise.The commentator Wang Meng said bluntly, the girls are too heavy burden, did not unload the pressure, the next game, the coaches should help athletes to decompress.The Chinese men’s short track speed skating team performed well in the 500-meter event.Wu dajing and Ren Ziwei both topped their groups and advanced to the quarter-finals, as did Sun Long.Congratulations, all three Chinese skaters have advanced, so China is likely to win the men’s 500-meter short track speed skating gold medal.Ren Ziwei, the gold medalist in the men’s 1,000m, is going for his third gold medal, having also won gold in the mixed relay.Wu Dajing, who dominated the 500 meters and is expected to win the first men’s individual gold medal of the Games, came out to loud cheers.And Sun Long is also highly expected, and Ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing promotion together, Sun Long is expected to achieve better results.Wu Dajing, the Olympic record holder who won the men’s 500 at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, will be thrilled if he breaks his own world record.After the Chinese team 3 people promoted, the People’s Daily also excited voice, “fierce”.”Fierce, Wu Dajing group first promotion.Wu Dajing of China has advanced to the quarterfinals of the men’s 500-meter short-track speed skating heat at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Later, People’s Daily published a very funny moment from the stadium.It is reported that Ren Ziwei of the Chinese team wore two different shoes during the competition, and commentator Wang Meng saw that the shoes were of different colors.It is reported that Ren ziwei did this because the force and comfort of his two feet are different, so he changed two different shoes to fit the feeling of his left and right feet.Next, hope Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei, Sun Long three people, continue to work hard, strive for the men’s 500 meters gold medal.The Chinese short track speed skating team has won two gold MEDALS and one silver.