“Live + anti-fraud”, GUANGZHOU Jinhong YY live has been doing what we can

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In people’s impression, live broadcast is mainly entertainment, or singing and dancing talent show, or live with goods, but such anchors let us have a new understanding of live broadcast.For example, “I’m anti-fraud anchor. What anchor are you?””Good men don’t chat naked, good women don’t brush orders.Have no matter don’t net loan, rich don’t gamble.”This is a classic quote from “anti-fraud Old Chen” Chen Guoping, who went viral after a six-hour live broadcast attracted 120 million viewers and even crashed the Internet due to the large number of viewers.The original rather rigid anti-fraud propaganda, supported by the new format of live PK, inspired many Internet users to spontaneously forward and spread, successfully covering hundreds of millions of audiences.Driven by the live broadcast and a series of other measures, the App of “National Anti-fraud Center” quickly topped the list of downloaded apps in the mobile App store, with more than 200 million downloads.For the telecom network effectively, meanwhile, a high incidence of fraud cases, further enhance the promotion of telecommunications networks to prevent fraud, in view of the current telecom network illegal crime new characteristics and new laws, guangzhou jin hong network media co., LTD., a subsidiary of YY and advance the anti cheat live work, actively explore new path, the new model of anti cheat propaganda, strengthen p enterprise collaboration.Carry out a variety of anti-fraud propaganda, enhance users’ anti-fraud awareness, and constantly upgrade anti-fraud technology, expected enemy first, the telecommunications network fraud eliminated in the bud.As early as November 2020, YY Live joined the police-enterprise cooperation project led by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the National Internet Emergency Response Center for the national Big data platform to combat and prevent new cyber crimes, coordinating various departments and promoting the smooth progress of the project.And report on the user and the public security organs cooperation, consummate the report accepts the disposal process, processing mechanism, set up 7 * 24 hours to respond to user to report in time and the first time after verification of related account banned, freezing treatment measures, positive cooperation between the public security organ, and all parts of the country, to blow telecom fraud cases.Within the company, YY Live organized security, risk control, payment, content security, customer service and other teams to set up a coordination organization to deal with black industry.By studying anti-fraud strategies and eliminating loopholes, suspicious accounts are intercepted, suspicious payment databases are established, and risky accounts are restricted or banned from the details of security hints such as freezing of fraudulent accounts, product design, setting of top-up, payment, and popup.According to statistics released by the Ministry of Public Security, more than 370,000 telecom and Internet fraud cases had been solved and more than 549,000 suspects arrested by November 2021.In the face of constantly playing telecom network fraud and constantly emerging fraud new tricks, only like the anti-fraud Chen and YY broadcast this also widely do anti-fraud propaganda, so that the general public to enhance the awareness of anti-fraud, is the key to win the anti-fraud struggle.