Rural elderly helpless

2022-06-17 0 By

You can never imagine the helplessness and helplessness of an old man in the countryside.One of my neighbors old lady, 85 years old this year, the old lady has five children, four sons and a daughter, now one of the oldest son has more than 60 years old, the youngest child has more than 50 years old, the old lady can still living on his own, a few years ago can’t own life began last year, when the children to discuss, as a living for a month,Old woman has too many difficulties, crying at the sight of people, really, he does not want such a life, just in this living to adapt to the life, and then have to go to another living, a a way of life, the old lady especially painful, but also their children are born is chronic chan, without a body good, his servants are significantly out of puff,If only the old lady had a retirement salary, she could have hired a nanny in her own home and lived a more comfortable life.There is an old woman in the village, 70 years old this year, there is a daughter, a son, the daughter lives in the village, the son used to study particularly good, now living in the big city, the old woman’s usual life, the daughter to take care of, the son is only responsible for the money, the old woman should live very well, right?The fact is that the daughter of the old lady’s home life is not too rich, the old lady’s son to his mother took back the money in his daughter’s hands, the old lady simply can’t spend the money, the old lady is hard to speak, also dare not say and son, mainly and son said also useless, the son can not lose his job back to wait on him?Now in the countryside, there are so many old people, lonely, helpless, helpless, is the main melody of their life.