Sichuan chairwoman drowned, police investigation nearly six months, but received a bizarre call: she is not dead

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| edit | scholars and painters theory history one day in 2012 in the morning, a public security bureau in sichuan province, the police received a strange phone call, the phone said that he was cheated, and lie to their people, is a health club boss – taeyeon.In fact, the police received a report is not a very unusual thing, but this strange thing, blame in this club owner Tae-yeon, as early as half a year ago because of drowning.And this matter, the public security Bureau also carried out an investigation at that time, so this matter is known to them, but now how can this person appear?This point, the police really can’t figure out.Not only did the caller tell the police that he was cheated, but there were other victims who were also defrauded by tae-yeon’s boss. Altogether, there were 80 people who were suspected of paying more than 3 million yuan.According to these people’s descriptions, and after this incident, the police also spent nearly five months to carry out salvage and search, and finally still did not have any effect, which is very suspicious.After receiving more and more phone calls, the police finally decided to investigate the matter again to find out what happened.Who is this boss, Tae-yeon?Why do so many people report it?The so-called drowning, was it a conspiracy, or was there something else going on?All of this, or to start from that year.One night before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2011, a group of people were playing games in a barbecue garden in Haikou. In front of them was a barbecue grill.This is a club is organizing a sumptuous group construction, after a month of intense work, club owner Tae-yeon decided to take the company’s employees to visit here.There are not only barbecues for eating, but also good facilities for playing, such as beach volleyball and swimming in the sea. After all, it is built around the seaside.Although this day is September, it is already the end of summer, but there is still the breeze gently blowing, so that the employees bathed in the sea breeze, feel as if by the baptism of body and mind, feel comfortable.Then, suddenly, someone shouted, “Oh, why isn’t Ty here during such a happy time?Where is she?”Hearing this man’s shout, the employees next to him were also shocked. Indeed, Mr. Tai was still here just now, drinking and chatting with everyone, but now he suddenly disappeared, which made the people present feel very confused.Where did this Ty manager go?Suddenly, as if remembering something, one of them said, “Did Ty go swimming?She drank so much that it was too dangerous for her to go in the water.”A stone stirred up thousands of waves, this person’s words let the hearts of the people instantly alert up, no longer ignore the play, everyone have stood up and came to the seaside, while Shouting “Tai”, while looking for her figure.But after several times of searching, we did not find the figure of Tai Zong, now, everyone’s heart is hanging up, involuntarily, began to think about the bad.So, the flustered employees told the police the situation, the police received a call, quickly rushed to the barbecue garden, while with the employees to understand the situation, while pulling a large net, in the seaside search and rescue.After a few hours of time, the distance of the sky gradually covered the white belly, the line of sight has become more and more obvious, gradually, the sea began to ebb, a lot of things began to emerge.But the most important Thai total was not found, according to the experience of lifeguards, generally like this situation, is certainly drowned, and with the ebb tide of the sea, the body will also appear.But after waiting for a period of time again, the lifeguard did not come any news, which made everyone think that Thai had died.However, on the third day of the second month, some shareholders and employees of the club called and said they had been cheated by Tae-yeon, which made the police feel very confused.Clearly their side is still searching for this person’s traces, why the side has received her cheating message?This really made the police suspicious.Is it possible that her death was a hoax?Or was it because she wanted to abscond with the money that she hatched such a “vast conspiracy”?In such a mystery, the police decided to find out the matter first, to see if this matter will have a relationship with Tae-yeon.With this direction, the police restarted the investigation and spent half a year to match and search for missing persons information in Hainan province and Guangdong province. As expected, there was no news of Mr. Tai.After the police found this point, they suddenly felt a new inspiration. Is it really like what the person on the phone said?Is it true that this man is not dead?And planned a conspiracy as big as that?The police have temporarily classified her as a person of interest because there is no information on her death.After the meeting, the police decided to carry out according to such ideas, because the victim said is the property above things, so the police decided to make a breakthrough from the money first.So, the police came to the bank to investigate, sure enough, the police also really from the bank, found some strange things.This chairwoman Taiyan has 12 bank accounts in Haikou, these accounts before she disappeared, one after another withdrew a lot of money, although sometimes only tens of thousands, but sometimes it is tens of thousands.The police initially decided that Tae-yeon was involved in a lot of illegal activities, so they stepped up their search and decided to bring her to justice.Since know she is the boss of the club, also know her inside a few operations in the bank, the police in order to be able to investigate more valuable clues, then from Tae-yeon’s club began to investigate.But what makes people feel more strange is that the club from the opening to the closing, has not been properly run, only to see, in this club, there are often people in and out.Later, the police based on this information, and the club’s shareholders and staff visited the investigation, and finally found that the club’s operation, no matter from what Angle, are suspected of pyramid selling.Knowing this, the police continued to investigate, they found that the matter is not as simple as they thought, and after examination, found that she had three names, and also gave birth to a son and a daughter.During her disappearance, her son had opened a bank card, but the police investigation revealed that he was supposed to be a student in Hebei province on the day she disappeared.Why inside this time, he can open a bank card in Guizhou unexpectedly?This point is really a little confusing.To figure out the truth, the police continue to investigate, did not think of this trip, still discover clue really.Police were puzzled when Tae-yeon opened an account at a bank in Guizhou province four months after she disappeared.Is Tae-yeon really still alive?Or did someone impersonate her identity, open an account at the bank, and apply for a bank card?Thinking of this, the police began to investigate the monitoring inside the bank, and sure enough, in the monitoring, the police finally found some clues.There was a woman in a red dress inside the bank, and she came to the bank with another woman, and that was the woman who opened the account.When the surveillance route came out, the bank staff nearby said:”Were the two people I have the impression that the account opening, some strange looks a little intelligence, at the time of information, she always ask next to the woman in red, I was afraid she cheated, so has been next to remind her, but she ignored me reminding, still ask the next to the person.”After receiving the news, the police immediately compared the surveillance records with tae-yeon s ribbon-cutting ceremony and found that the woman in red was Tae-yeon.The police concluded that Tae-yeon was not dead after all, and that she had entrusted a woman to open a number of bank cards while she was missing.In view of these bank cards, the police found some information, that is, the bank card is very frequent funds, especially in June, often to a person surnamed Wang transfer.Appeared new person, the police undertakes investigation according to the news of this person, discover eventually, this person is taiyan’s fellow townsman, and that person that deals with bank card, also be her fellow townsman.Found this thread, the police followed the trail, came to wang’s information in an address for squatting.After a few days of squatting, the police will eventually Taiyan arrested, and one of these mysteries, also subsequently unveiled.Originally, at that time Tae-yeon carefully arranged a bureau, is to let people think that they are drowning, the reason for laying this bureau, is because she did not want to let others pursue her things.In this case, the word “fraud” kept appearing, not only in the victim’s mouth, but also in Tae-yeon’s mouth. Why did she cheat?How did he cheat?When she was in Yunnan, she had joined the pyramid selling organization. Later, she learned that there was a good “deception” in Guangxi, so she took dozens of people to Haikou to carry out the “new project.”Later, she opened a health club in the name of an individual industrial and commercial business, which is actually a shell company. In the eyes of outsiders, it is a club, but the club is actually selling medical equipment and so on.Later, the circumstance of the club appears slide, seeing when be about to close down, Tai Yan decides immediately, transfer a few money in the dark, thought of a successful escape by the way of “jinjingshechao” law — death.As long as a person is dead, no one will ask her for money, so the barbecue is organized, and during this time, she pretended to go swimming, and jumped into the sea in front of everyone.After that, he swam to the shore along the shore and fled back to his hometown in Sichuan.In 2013, the Haikou People’s Court sentenced Taiyan to four years in prison and a fine of 50,000 yuan for organizing and leading a pyramid scheme.