The owner of a clothing store in Baoding deserves credit for not taking enough clothes with him when he went out to help fight the virus

2022-06-17 0 By

On January 24, a clothing shop owner in Baoding county, Hebei province, gave away cotton gowns, socks, fleeted hoodies and underwear to medical workers from other parts of the country.Ms. Liang, the clothing store’s owner, said that a medical worker contacted her that day and said she wanted to buy clothes, because she came in a hurry, did not bring enough clothes, and even had to change underwear.After consultation with her family, Ms. Liang decided to donate all the clothes in the shop to the white soldiers to support the fight against the epidemic.The power of one place is limited, so when in trouble, help will be needed from all sides.Some of the orders some of the rallies were sudden, didn’t give us enough time to prepare.When the order is given, it’s time for us to go.I think this is also the key to our victory over the epidemic.Some people commented on this kind clothing store sister, saying that her clothes not only warm the medical staff, but also warm the whole winter.Such people deserve our praise.