Foreign media reported that Russia and Belarus held a joint military exercise

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According to foreign media reports, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on The 10th that the Russia-White “Alliance Resolve -2022” joint military exercise officially began on the same day.The Russian Defense Ministry said the joint exercise was part of the second phase of the inspection of the Russian-White Alliance reaction Force, ria Novosti reported in Moscow on February 10.The mission of the exercise is to “deter and repel external aggression in defensive operations, combat terrorism and protect the interests of alliance countries.”The report said that during the joint exercise, Russia and Belarus will strengthen the protection of the border to prevent the infiltration of armed groups and block the delivery of weapons and ammunition.Soldiers from both countries will also hunt down and destroy illegal armed groups as well as spy groups of imaginary enemies.The exercise will take place in Brest, Osipovich and other areas of Belarus.The air force will use multiple airfields.The Russian Defense Ministry made it clear that the command structure, units and some military units of the Russian eastern military District and the Belarusian army are participating in the exercise.During the first phase of the inspection of the Russia-Belarus Union reaction Force, the two countries carried out troop movements, organized the protection of important installations and strengthened the protection of airspace borders within the framework of the “unified Regional Air Defense System” between Belarus and Russia, the report said.The command headquarters and troops of Russia’s eastern military region have moved nearly 10,000 kilometers.According to a report by the Washington Post website on February 9, a senior Russian military commander flew to neighboring Belarus on February 9 to participate in a large-scale joint military exercise.The west fears the exercises could provide cover for a multi-pronged Russian invasion of Ukraine.Valery Gerasimov, chief of the general staff of the Russian Federation’s armed forces, arrived in Belarus ahead of the exercises, which will start on October 10, reports said.Meanwhile, Russia’s top foreign ministry official accused the West of “blackmail and pressure” and raising tensions by arming Ukraine.In Ukraine, armed drones and anti-tank weapons provided by the United States and other NATO members will be used for military exercises starting Sunday, the report said.Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexi Reznikov said the exercises, which are scheduled to end on The 20th, are a response to Russian exercises near the Ukrainian border.Reznikov said Russia has massed 140,000 troops in the region.Military analysts warn that after months of massing near the Ukrainian border, the military hardware needed for a large-scale Russian operation that could topple the pro-Western government in Kiev is almost in place.Separately, the White House said on Wednesday that Russia’s large-scale military exercises in Belarus were an “escalation” related to the conflict in Ukraine.White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “When we look at the preparations for these exercises, we think again that this is certainly an escalation rather than a mitigation.”NATO called the exercise the largest Russian military deployment in Belarus since the end of the Cold War.According to a report on the website of Defense News on February 10, the three Baltic states on Wednesday made a formal request for transparency under OSCE rules, fearing Russia’s troop buildup in Belarus.Belarus is a member of the OSCE.The request is reportedly aimed at encouraging Belarus to disclose important data on the “Alliance Resolution-2022” exercise.Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have asked for ‘detailed explanations’ on the exercise, including the total number of troops and the number of tanks, armored vehicles, mortars and rocket launchers, as well as the expected number of sorties per aircraft, an Estonian embassy spokesman said.