Liu Xuezhou’s wounds: from the beginning of the ending of “Aunt Pan” “black” talk

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A good word three winter warm, unkind words hurt cold June.These days, you are preoccupied with two things: one is liu Xuezhou, who is searching for his relatives in Youzhou, and the other is the end of the hit TV series “The Beginning”.The two, whether Liu Xuezhou’s war, or “aunt pot” to “black”, if trace back to the source, investigate its root, in fact, all point to one place, namely – network violence.In recent years, as the development of the network is increasingly vigorous, “network violence”, it can be said that it is “sitting and talking”, with the keyboard to rampant Internet.Unintentionally, they do things that harm god and reason, they speak without restraint, and they defeat morality and bad ways.But the tongue, though boneless, can hurt.Just because of this, there is liu Xuezhou incident, we can see the TV series “beginning” of the profound proposition.One, “aunt pot” of the black TV series “Beginning” ending, “aunt pot” this is a teacher, gentle and virtuous, although learned that his daughter “Wang Mengmeng” death, heartache, often echoed in the mind of other people’s cold words, but still pay attention to manners, teaching in the classroom, do not forget to be a teacher.If this goes on for a long time, with the passage of time, it may be able to walk out of the grief of the bereavement of her daughter, escape from the plight of missing her, it is not impossible.In the past, “Wang Mengmeng” in the bus suffered “molest”, so determined to get off, resulting in the “white hair to send black hair” tragedy.However, the bullets of the classroom students and the rumors of the world on the net, such as Li Chungang’s “sword coming”, instantly turn into thousands of sharp blades, and the sword piercing through the heart, how can it not hurt a mother’s heart?Had it not been for the above, aunt Pan would not have carried the pot (dynamite) on the bus.However, the world is cool and thin, throughout the network, “land key fairy” rose very few, the sea of network is very many, have not chosen words, do not think of the consequences, so wounding to meet their own pleasure, such a sad disaster, it is the sorrow of the world.Two, died in the “keyboard” under the Liu Xuezhou state of the war, how its ai zai?In former days, the year of swaddling Liu Xuezhou, abandoned by biological parents, with their own marriage.When he was young, his adoptive parents died.State students and strong, academic performance is often among the best, numerous awards.However, when it comes to the age of understanding things, it is known that parents are still alive, so there are thousands of miles to find relatives.But find parents, but only add the feeling of sadness, after all meaning cold heart grey.In order to find a place to settle down, the relationship between Xuezhou and his biological parents deteriorated, so he went to Sanya, perhaps for relaxation, or life into confusion.In a word, Liu Xuezhou sanya trip, by “land key fairy” cynical, malicious speculation, so because of “network violence”, leaving a suicide note “when light, also when also net” after the end of the young life.Those who make rumors online are not talking and laughing online.Words can cause the victim to suffer from depression or suicide.Liu Xuezhou’s war, like a bronze mirror, can see the indifference of human nature, the cruel network violence, the impermanence of life.Perhaps as the public we these anonymous people, the only thing we can do, that is “key mercy”.No matter the “black” character “Aunt Pan”, or died in the “keyboard” under Liu Xuezhou, but “network violence” is the tip of the iceberg.The tip of the iceberg, however, is shocking enough, not to mention the cases of cyber violence that we have never seen or are currently experiencing.Last year alone, there were numerous cases of named “cyber violence”, such as “Ali female employee case”, “Master of the Cat abuse incident”, “Hongxing Erke incident”.And “network violence is”, hiding in the vast Internet, a “key” may be to others’ psychology and life, it is like a sword tomahawk, wounding in the invisible.A good word three winter warm, unkind words hurt cold June.Do not fail to do good even if it’s small, do not engage in evil even if it’s smallBe kind, not just to those around you.The case is here. We can’t avoid it.Whether online or in real life, take special care.Walk river’s lake, do not spit fragrance, and cross the net sea, wan Wang “key” mercy.For more exciting content, follow Mu Youqing