Hershlik Township and Hershlik Village: Carry forward virtue, pass on love and warm people’s hearts

2022-06-19 0 By

“Life is the most beautiful sunset red, the world’s most beautiful old flower”.Caring for the elderly, respecting the elderly, filial piety has become the responsibility of the whole society, but also our Chinese nation five thousand years of traditional virtue of civilization.The so-called “the old and the old”, to help the old people to solve the problems within their power, do their own modest force, give the old people a little more care, forming the whole society love the old, respect the old, respect the old, help the old good social atmosphere.On February 4, Tagiguli Aibibula, the first secretary of Shanghe Shilik Village, organized cadres and volunteers to visit the happiness compound of Hehe Shilik township, visiting the lonely elderly and children, and giving them haircuts.To the nursing home, the cadres chat with the elderly, listen to their hearts, understand the old People’s Daily life, hope they pay attention to winter warm and their own safety, and give some food and daily necessities to everyone, so that the old people feel the care and warmth of the society.Old people and children received gifts and haircut, face is filled with a happy smile, the child Abudurekefu said happily: “today is very happy, my sister brought me new shoes, volunteer brother and haircut for us, I suddenly become handsome.”Respect and love for the elderly breed affection between each other, enrich life and create the meaning of life.Let us hold a sincere heart, take practical action, for those helpless old people support a blue sky, let our world everywhere is full of laughter, become the most beautiful world.Aisan Toerti, a volunteer, said that she would stick to such activities all the time to pass on the love and let the elderly feel the warmth from grassroots Party organizations and all walks of life.As long as we all extend a warm hand, love and help those who need help, they can feel the warmth of the society, and only you and I care, our life will be more beautiful!(Reyang Guli, Correspondent)