In January, 57,139 cases were handled in the central city of Linyi

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Recently, the analysis of digital city management and operation in January 2022 has been released. The reporter learned that from January 1 to January 31, the intelligent digital management platform of Linyi city has accepted a total of 58,248 urban management problems in the central city, and has handled 57,139 cases, with the case completion rate of 97.57% and the average timely disposal rate of 76.56%.In January, the problems in central urban areas were reported by information collectors, law enforcement supervision of urban management, online monitoring of lampblack, intelligent video capturing and public reporting, etc.Information acquisition supervisors reported 56,478 cases, accounting for 96.96% of the total, filed 56,147 cases, and disposed of 54,754 cases, with a disposal rate of 97.52%.Information collection supervisors dispose of 734 cases by themselves;296 cases were reported by the supervision of urban management law enforcement, and the disposal rate was 100%.307 cases of intelligent video capture were registered, 260 cases of online monitoring of cooking fume were registered, and the disposal rate was 100%.Chuangcheng supervised the handling of 127 cases, with a disposal rate of 100%;33 cases were reported by the public, and the disposal rate was 80%.There were 13 cases reported by muck truck intelligent perception and other channels, and the disposal rate was 100%.In the disposal situation, the reporter saw that each district (development zone) should be disposed of 21,183 district management cases, 21,083 cases have been disposed of, the case disposal rate of 99.53%, the average timely disposal rate of 99.48%, the average rework rate is zero, the average delay rate of 0.1%.18,078 cases should be handled in 10 streets in the main urban area, 18,014 cases have been handled, with an average disposal rate of 99.65%, 99.63% on schedule, 0.01% delay rate and 0.02% rework rate.The cases in January involved 17 municipal departments and units, of which 5,135 cases should be handled and 4,253 cases completed, with an average disposal rate of 82.82% and an average scheduled disposal rate of 56.92%.In the analysis of high incidence, 54,107 incident cases were reported in January. The TOP5 cases with high incidence were disorderly parking of motor vehicles, unclean roads, exposed garbage, dirty green space and indiscriminate parking of shared bikes, accounting for 70.77% of the total number of incident cases.In January 2022, 3,678 component cases were reported for information collection, and the TOP5 cases with high incidence were dustbins (buckets), traffic guardrail, green space guardrail, green space maintenance facilities, and rainwater grate, accounting for 44.78% of the total component cases.Related links:Digital chengguan urban management “good housekeeping” disorderly stick in the regulation, and to investigate and punish illegal advertising, banned strong-arming, clean up the city garbage these urban management issues, such as city intelligent number GuanPing technology is blended in among them, make them play the wisdom of “clairvoyance” and “clairaudient” role, efficient solving high incidence in city management, frequent, repeated problem,It has effectively promoted the transformation of jinqueshan street urban management from passive disposal and extensive renovation to active service.Zhuhai urban management departments at all levels to grid and intelligent management, the combination of “digital urban management” system to push the case promptly accept, after analyzing the sent to the community, receive case in strict accordance with the standard of rectification, finish the requirements, such as time limit feedback form corrective photos uploaded to the platform quickly, several GuanPing rectification for rectification results after verification complete problem.The whole process of rectification is precise and efficient, with a closed loop from the beginning to the end, so that every piece of supervision by the masses has echoes and everything has results.At the same time, the urban management departments at all levels to key areas by using intelligent city several GuanPing, recurrent cases of large data analysis guiding role, will build parameter hard cases, targeted for early prevention, timely detection, early treatment, put the question situation in the bud, can save a lot of problems for the masses, to improve the happiness of the citizens satisfaction index, to improve the quality of urban life.The municipal intelligent digital management platform has digital marks on the acceptance, circulation, disposal, verification, evaluation and other work processes of urban management cases, thus forming the supervision of digitalized problems. On this basis, all departments have established and improved the corresponding digital assessment mechanism, and realized the three-dimensional management mode of “data quantification”.In the next step, urban management departments at all levels of the city will take the city’s intelligent digital management platform as the carrier, “digital” to empower “embroidery skills”, cut through the tangled urban management, comprehensively improve the scientific, refined and intelligent level of urban management, with a higher positioning as the “good steward” of intelligent urban management.In the newspaper reporters ChuFeiFei correspondent Zhang qiang Mr Wang this article from the reed {langya} net (, the original address: