New Year to buy a new machine, 2000-3000 yuan price of the most excellent three mobile phones, buy which do not lose

2022-06-19 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, everything is changing. Have you bought a new mobile phone to reward yourself?However, it is not as easy to buy a mobile phone as before. There are a lot of sub-brands, and the configuration parameters of the phones are similar, but the price difference is quite large.So how to choose a suitable for their cost performance of mobile phone, today we will introduce the most excellent mobile phone between 2000-3000 yuan file.First: Although Redmi K40 Pro has been released for a long time, its cost performance is still no match for mobile phones. The 6.67-inch 1080P screen, Samsung E4 luminescent material and 120Hz refresh rate are not very top, but at the same price, this screen is definitely one of the best.Battery capacity: 4520mAh, charging power 33W, charging power is not fast.Front 20 megapixel camera, rear 64 megapixel camera Summary: Charging is not fast, but the hardware parameters are absolutely first-class, suitable for people who care about parameters and love to play games.Price: 8GB+128GB 2699 yuan, 8GB+256GB 2799 yuan second: realme realme GT2realme as a pursuit of cost-effective brand, its mobile phone is quite a bright spot.The RealMe GT2 has a 6.62-inch AMOLED 1080P screen, a 120Hz refresh rate and a Snapdragon 888 processor.And its battery capacity up to 5000mAh, charging power up to 65W, front 16 million ultra HD selfie, rear 50 million SONY IMX 766 OIS main camera, 119° ultra wide Angle lens.In conclusion, the RealMe GT2 is a mid-range computer with no flaws, but its brand is less well-known.Price: 8GB+128GB 2599 yuan, 8GB+256GB 2799 yuan, 12GB+256GB 3099 yuan third:The OnePlus 9R comes with a 6.55-inch flexible AMOLED 1080P screen, supports a 120Hz refresh rate, and uses a Snapdragon 870 processor to provide a comprehensive experience comparable to the snapdragon 888.The battery capacity is 4500mAh battery, the charging power is 65W, 16 million pixel lens, 48 million pixel Sony IMX586 rear main camera, 16 million pixel ultra wide Angle camera.Bottom line: The OnePlus 9R is a bucket machine with no shortcomings, and it would be more popular if hydrogen OS were available now.Price:8GB+128GB 2599 yuan, 8GB+256GB 2699 yuan, 12GB+256G 2999 yuan simply look at the homogenization of the mobile phone market has been very serious, in the market of more than two thousand yuan, everyone’s configuration can be pulled to the highest, can not pull the gap between each other,I think it’s more about brand, system and service when you buy a mobile phone now.Which of the three phones above do you like best?But I don’t think I can lose out on either one.