“Something big” Junsuk A8 lives up to expectations of the 2022 most reliable transport model

2022-06-19 0 By

Light trucks as an important transport carrier of urban distribution while she finished goods circulation goods delivery need blue card compliance satisfy users to delicate appearance image better ride space security configuration demand better jianghuai jun bell A8 redefined the high-end urban distribution models for urban distribution and highly user trust on February 22, 2022, sponsored by the “net” truck “the seventhChina truck user survey found that trust and selection “activities in the perspective of TCO analysis vehicles value selected” trusted user “jianghuai jun bell A8 models to” generous “” earth” and “wisdom” in the glare test in burst into every gains “2022 annual trusted users urban distribution transport models” award event “found trust recommended officer” from heavyQing Chen Wenyong personal experience to share the charm of JIANGhuai Junling A8 “city distribution with many varieties, small batch, many batches, short cycle characteristics, which put forward higher requirements for transport models.Jianghuai Automobile set out from user demand, launched Jun Bell A8.It inherits jun Bell light truck’s fine quality, and carries on the upgrade in many aspects.In practice, the A8 delivers a transportation experience that exceeds expectations with its flexible organization, efficient delivery, high attendance, fuel economy and durability.”As the city with transport strategic product jianghuai jun bell A8 whole lead user value enhancement in “family” aesthetic modelling cab modelling conforms to the young founder users at the same time increase the head, legs, sleeping space new color matching Turnkey interior Airbag seat and a 10.4 -inch voice control screen space ride quality Improve the seat flat single row can lieRow half double bedroom second change luxury lounge JIANGhuai Junling A8 match Ankang E2.5 country six engine 1000rpm torque up to 360N· M2.5L gold displacement low speed high torque perfect match city use 2.5T front axle 5T rear axle housing use 3500T press molding body weight reduction to ensure more reliable bearing less spring suspensionTubeless tyre high power density main driving axle reduction thin-wall dome rim, all kinds of special technologies such as lateral protection and protection, gas reservoir after using aluminum alloy material ensure the strength and the safety performance of vehicle and maximum reduce vehicle weight of jun bell A8 carry jianghuai networking system builds efficient fluid cab business circle to enjoy efficient intelligent car life jianghuai light truck with practical action to practice the “five-starserviceFull care “to improve service quality and experience the national 1700 service network service 50 km radius in the present use of network, intelligent car networking, digital drive service transformation with active preventive services the ability of remote diagnosis service expert intelligent online housekeeper jianghuai jun bell A8” 2022 annual trusted users urban distribution transport models “called jianghuai light truckLeading urban distribution of light truck demand for new propositions to make urban distribution easier!