What’s the name of the athlete lifting weights

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The one where the athlete lifts weights is called a barbell.1. Barbell is a core exercise training equipment and also used for weightlifting.Barbell, is an important equipment for weightlifting training, mainly including three major events: hard pull, bench press, squat.The “weight squat”, also known as the “weight full squat”, is one of the most complex exercises in bodybuilding, and is also a move in power lift competition.”Weight-bearing squat” has strong stimulation to the whole lower limbs and trunk, can exercise the quadriceps femoris (rectus femoris, medial femoris, lateral femoris, medial femoris), gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimememium muscle, and also has a strong effect on erector spine, piriformis, adductor magnus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and calf muscles.2. Standard barbell: it is composed of three parts: barbell rod (bar), barbell sheet and clamp.Of course, the Olympic weightlifting events have specially made barbells. They are made of special steel and weigh 20 kilograms net, but they are flexible and easy to pick up.In addition, the barbell will be easier to spin, to reduce the chance of wrist and arm injuries.3. Barbell exercise is a combination of barbell and aerobics.Adjustable barbell weights for different ages, genders and physical fitness.Barbell is between free and fixed equipment. Compared with squat rack and Smith rack, the training of barbell requires more muscles to stabilize the weight, which means that more muscles can be exercised and the effect is better.