When the public despairs, the backlash quietly begins

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Today, the market continues to rebound, the market once again at 3350 points to support, 3350-3700 this 350 point range, has been a narrow shock for more than a year.Each time, there was a sharp drop to 3350 and then a slow rise to 3700.Box bottom track is the most depressed mood, few people dare to see more, or see more voice is very small.But rest assured, as long as a few more Yang line, see more male text will be more and more, the voice will be more and more.Wang Yangming has a poem called “cover the moon mountain room” : the mountain near the month far feel the month small, the road this mountain is greater than the month.If any man have eyes as large as heaven, let him see the high mountains and the wider moon.The moon looks smaller because the mountains are closer to us and the moon is farther away, so some people assert that the mountains must be bigger than the moon.If people’s eyes were as big as the sky, they would certainly feel that although the mountains are high, the moon is larger.Mountain near month far feel the month is small, the road this mountain is greater than the month, is a kind of inner paranoia, is the blind people touch the elephant, the frog in the well.What to do?If any man have eyes as large as heaven, let him see the high mountains and the wider moon.Only by enlarging the pattern and expanding the horizon can we break the prejudice in our hearts and understand the essence of things.How to enlarge the pattern?Standing on a longer period of time is like looking at the earth from the top of a mountain, and the pattern is naturally different.For example, see the weekly chart of the market, nearly a year is more than concussion, look back on the past, the market every time to fall to the box track, everywhere is a sigh, cry dad shout niang, swear, is not very funny?Whenever the market is in a bottom zone, people are cautious, they think it’s risky and they’re less willing to buy.Years later, however, the obtuse public discovered that the risks they had seen were not real risks, but simply rooted in ignorance and hubris.Wall Street is nothing new. Wall Street is full of human expectations and fears, hopes and despair, madness and falling, reincarnation and waves.At times of extreme market pessimism, investors who were fearless ended up winning.Box rail should not be too pessimistic.Such as market breakthrough 3700 points, is the real big opportunity.Many people like to ask: Will there be a bull market?Can the market break 3700 this year?I mean, you won’t get anything but emotions.When it goes up, there is hope everywhere;When we fall, there is despair everywhere.In the early stages of a bull market, there is never much fanfare and everyone knows it.If everyone thinks a bull market is coming, the chances of a sharp fall are greater.What we can rely on is objective strategy.Market movements will tell us everything.”The Doctrine of the Mean” said: the gentleman is easy to order, small pedestrian risk to 徼幸.The gentleman acts in line with the moral principle, has the consistent integrity, to the poor through the rich and the poor just resigned to fate, does not demand;The villain, on the other hand, acts with a clear utilitarian goal and would rather take risks to get lucky.Do what you have to do.Act in accordance with objective laws, as for the outcome depends on god.Know how to seize the opportunity, need wisdom;It takes great wisdom to know how to give up opportunities.Why give up?Because some opportunities are not ours, some money is not ours.Make what the strategy should make, and lose what the strategy should lose.When you try to make money outside of your strategy, you lose money outside of your strategy.Good night ~ by: Moneylife1818