Xianyang Xilan Road street: Joy and harmony make yuanxiao thick Flavor of the Festival

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The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, thousands of lights together.To celebrate the Lantern Festival, Xianyang West LAN road street relying on the new era of civilization practice, station actively carry out a variety of forms of “our festival · Lantern Festival” new era of civilization practice theme activities, the Lantern Festival “atmosphere” directly pull full.Furong Community: On the morning of February 15th, Furong Community joined hands with Hengtai Property And Minsheng Bank to carry out the theme activity of “Fuhu Spring Festival and Yuanxiao Joy Party”.Nearly 200 people from the community, including Party members, residents and community volunteers, participated in the event.At the event, red lanterns were hung high and colorful riddles were blowing in the wind.This activity prepared to guess lantern riddles, happy circle, lucky draw and other fun games for all ages.All 200 riddles were snapped up at the start of the event.The residents who received the prizes were all smiling, and everyone said that the riddle guessing activities organized by the community were very lively, so that everyone felt the rich atmosphere of the Lantern Festival.Happy circle and lucky draw, many gifts let residents feel the furong community, Hengtai Property, minsheng Bank warm family, also let everyone deeply feel the atmosphere and connotation of Chinese traditional festivals, the whole scene beaming.Shuichang road community: On February 15, shuichang road community carried out the “yuanxiao Spring warm community” as the theme of the Lantern Festival activities, attracted the district of 200 residents and friends actively participate in.Community workers made use of the Internet and wechat groups to promote the lantern riddle-guessing activity, and residents lined up at noon to show great enthusiasm for the activity.The activity placed a total of more than 200 lantern riddles, including single-word lantern riddles, idiom lantern riddles, Xiehouyu lantern riddles, etc., the event site placed a platform to cash prizes, the participants to guess the lantern riddles did registration, and distributed gifts prepared in advance.Siyuan South Road community: On the afternoon of February 15th, Siyuan South Road community organized party members and resident representatives to participate in the “Lantern Festival symposium”.Community workers prepared some fruit and melon seeds and cooked a pot of glutinous rice balls to add color to the festive occasion.In addition, the community also prepared a “riddle guessing” link, residents who can answer the riddle will receive some small gifts carefully prepared by the community.We eat while playing while chatting, just like family, happy.Binhe West road community: on the afternoon of February 15, binhe West Road community joined hands with Daqin Yugang City residential property at the gate of the community held a “guess lantern riddles, taste tangyuan, happily celebrate the Lantern Festival” cultural activities, for the community residents to send festival blessings.The quiz activity covers a wide range of topics, including idioms, word puzzles, geographic knowledge, historical figures, film and television songs, etc. There are both easy to understand fun puzzles and complex abstract puzzles, which are both entertaining and informative.Residents take an active part in the puzzle, and they are happy to see the riddles and guess the bottom of the riddle. If they are right, they will receive a beautiful gift from the community staff.Guess wrong, also don’t lose heart, continue to see the next riddle.Community staff also prepared tangyuan, black sesame, five kernel, bean paste for residents…There are all kinds of fillings, residents eating steaming hot dumplings, laughing, noisy, a scene of joy.Fuyuan Community: On February 15th, fuyuan community held a festival activity with the theme of “guessing lantern riddles and celebrating yuanxiao”.The atmosphere was warm and harmonious.Colorful riddle slips are hung on the festive red lanterns.Community staff carefully prepared different kinds of small gifts as prizes for guessing lantern riddles.Residents have fun standing in front of the lantern riddles, which range from solving word puzzles, reading pictures and guessing idioms to guessing poems and poems.The children, with the help of their parents, also got involved and guessed with great care.Residents who guessed the riddles happily took notes to exchange the prizes they wanted.Shaanxi Maoyi Factory community: on the afternoon of February 15th, Shaanxi Maoyi Factory community held the activity of “thick neighborhood, joy and Yuanxiao”, which attracted many residents to participate in the area and the scene was very lively.Gongs and drums yangge team hot opening, for everyone to add to the fun.The players wrapped silk waist, gongs and drums, waving arms and jumping, twisting waist and shoulder, while twisting and dancing, soft and beautiful, various poses, the good expectations for the New Year are all out of the dance.Steaming yuanxiao out of the pot, adults and children can’t wait to taste, we eat while picking up mobile phone photos, laughter.Guessing lantern riddles is also an indispensable part of the Lantern Festival, the community carefully prepared 200 riddles, very interesting, everyone rushed to answer them, exchange prizes is the most happy moment, adults and children face full of smiles.Author: Zhao Na