3-1!Manchester United clinched their place in the quarter-finals of the uefa Champions League with a three-goal half-time victory

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Sevilla will host Dinamo Zagreb in the first leg of this season’s Europa League knock-out play-off.In the end, Sevilla relied on rakitic, Ocampos, Martial’s combined goals to win 3-1, one foot through to the last eight, the impact of the team’s history of the seventh Europa League title.Sevilla have won the Europa League six times in their history, topping the league table, and won three titles in a row from 2014 to 2016, also an unprecedented feat.This season, Sevilla ranked third in the Group stage of the Uefa Champions League, missed out on the knockout stage, and qualified for the Europa League knockout stage play-off. Big data predicts that The probability of Sevilla winning the Europa League is only 7%, tied for sixth place, and is not very favored to win the championship.The play-off is against a Croatian league side that sevilla beat dinamo Zagreb 4-0 at home and 1-0 away in the 2016 Champions League group stage.Sevilla got off to a dream 1-0 start when Ivan Rakitic scored from the penalty spot in the 12th minute.Sevilla are unbeaten in their last four games this season in which Rakitic has scored, winning 1 and drawing 3.After dinamo Zagreb equalised in the 40th minute, Sevilla quickly came back ahead.In the 43rd minute, Ocampos swept a shot straight into the net to help Sevilla 2-1 rewrite the score.In the 45th minute, Sevilla advanced at high speed and united’s old man Martial scored the final blow to extend the 3-1 lead.Dinamo Zagreb were unable to find the net again in the second half as they lost 3-1 to Sevilla and were on the verge of elimination.A 3-1 home lead from the first leg gave Sevilla one foot through to the last eight.When it came to the Europa League, the favourites showed that they were worthy of the title of “King of Europa League”.